Why we’ll never hire from Byju’s

We started Bizom to change the CPG industry through digital transformation. To do so, we created a full-stack SaaS platform as a product in a market that was filled with custom service providers. It was a bold and risky decision but it worked. In less than a decade, we have successfully delivered on our promise to over 500 global CPG brands.

More than 10% of India’s FMCG uses Bizom and the platform handles over 15 million transactions every day. We achieved all this with a small team of 200 people. A feat that is possible only because we prefer to work with the right set of people.

What do you mean by the right people?

This one is on Bizom’s founders.

When I quit my corporate job in 2006, I wasn’t very sure about the products to build or how they would make money. However, it was fun working with four friends trying to build a world-changing product.

The first product failed. The team parted ways amicably. When I was restarting, the first thought was not about which products to build or how we will raise funding or how we will make money. It was how to find the right co-founders who shared my value system. My value system allows me to only work with intelligent, honest, hardworking people who are willing to learn the skills and knowledge needed to overcome the challenges that a startup and business will throw at you.

How did Bizom get the right people?

It has been tremendously hard to find these people. In retrospect, I realize that it starts from the top. We are a great bunch of co-founders and management team. Thanks to them, our leaders are wonderful, and even after many years, the team is great. Like Guy Kawasaki says, A people hire A+ people. Only, it takes longer to find these people. But the wait is well worth it.

Experienced lateral hires vs scaling existing teams.?

This is an interesting one. Fast scaling startups have a tendency to just buy experience with lateral hires. People who have been there, done that. We tried that strategy but it did not work for us. We think that’s because lateral hires could not imbibe the culture of Bizom.

Scaling existing teams to take up larger and larger responsibilities is scary. A lot of times they lack the skills and prior experience to fulfill the responsibilities of the role. It worked well for us simply because we looked at that specific weakness as a blessing. Existing teams did not come with baggage and were willing to try new ideas, fail, iterate and keep trying for fast growth. We prefer to scale existing teams on any given day.

What’s wrong with hiring from Byju’s?

4–5 years ago, I made a rule not to hire from Byju’s, Oyo, Practo, or other such businesses.

The reason was fairly simple. The people we interviewed from these companies were too quick to take shortcuts including false promises. We do not want our customers to be subjected to this kind of culture. We love our brand of being customer-obsessed too much.

Our rule is simple. If your resume has these companies on it then we will not hire you. The same is true for our competition. If you worked with our competition, it is unlikely that we will hire you. We do not want to spend time and energy in making a person a “culture fit”. We prefer people who are already a cultural fit.

We look forward to working with intelligent, honest, hard-working people. If you are this person and have the entrepreneurial zeal to change the world in the right way, drop us an email at careers@mobisy.com.

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