#UnafraidToUpgrade : Sreevani M

The following article was written by Sreevani

My name is Sreevani. I have finished my Master’s degree in Computer Science and have worked for 6 years as a Quality Analyst.

Three years ago, I decided to take a break from work to take care of my baby. I vowed to be back to work soon, not realizing how overwhelming motherhood could be. Though I had every intention to get back to work, my responsibilities as a mother came first and simply didn’t allow me to.

Society says it’s normal for women to take a break from work, either for maternity or other reasons. However, the truth is that it is difficult for them to get back to work as the world is running without waiting for them. With several new technologies popping up regularly, no company had come forward to give me a chance.

That didn’t stop me. I never gave up and continued to improve my technical knowledge, while also fulfilling my responsibilities as a mother.

At this point, Bizom came into the picture! After applying via a job portal, the team saw my potential and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and aim high. I then joined them as a Sr. QA engineer.

Since then, I have received exciting opportunities that will help me grow. At the same time, I have teamed up with dynamite mentors that will catch me if I fall!

The decision to bring me in was not just a show of faith in my abilities. It was also a display of how the people at Bizom back their decisions, fiercely stand by their values, and shoots for the stars without putting anyone at a disadvantage.

Thank you for your support, openness, guidance. I can’t be more excited for the journey that is to unfold at Bizom!

6 thoughts on “#UnafraidToUpgrade : Sreevani M

  1. The rewards of your hard work and dedicated efforts with sleepless nights have been outstanding. You made us so proud and you have proved your worth. Congratulations on your brilliant success and achievement.

  2. Congratulations and All the best sister for Resuming your professional career again.
    Hope u will achieve more in professionally and personally.

  3. Congratulations vani.. I am proud of you vani.. managing home and office is very difficult.. as your success of getting job is not easy..may this success lead to greater achievement for coming years.. congratulations vani for present and up coming success in your life..

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