Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore: CCD Team

Every team at Bizom has experienced Algorithmic Jugaad in its truest meaning. It normally goes like this – A problem arises, the team groups together to discuss and brainstorm solutions, a mix of quick-fixes and practical solutions are brought to the table, and finally, a solution is chosen. The solution, typically is an amalgam ofContinue reading “Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore: CCD Team”

Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore – Engineering team

‘Algorithmic Jugaad’ is a term we hear rather often at Bizom. While the concept of it remains the same, how each function at Bizom implements it can vary. Here, we speak to Vibhor Garg, VP – Engineering at Bizom, and understand what Algorithmic Jugaad means to our Engineering team. When asked about his definition ofContinue reading “Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore – Engineering team”

Humans of Bizom: Srinidhi Shastry

They say that curiosity, doubled with the will to persevere against all odds, is something that takes people places. Such is the case with one of our very own – Srinidhi Shastry, Head of SME Sales at Mobisy. A typical introvert hailing from Krimanjeshwara, Udupi, Srinidhi has come full circle by going from the “shyContinue reading “Humans of Bizom: Srinidhi Shastry”