My experiments with working in a R&D squad

Written by Lalit Bhise & Nikhil Chhaochharia The last time I worked closely with engineers was long back in 2017. At that time we felt that me heading sales, engineering apart from being CEO of the whole organization was untenable and we needed more leaders to take responsibilities of a few of those tasks. LuckilyContinue reading “My experiments with working in a R&D squad”

The longest 6 hours of my life

Edson at his usual exuberant self was imploring us to finish our dinner of pancakes. Geoffrey, our cook, had made pancakes for dinner thinking that those were our favorite. He wanted us to have a full meal before the summit night. But, 5:30 p.m. is a strange time for having dinner especially if you haveContinue reading “The longest 6 hours of my life”

3 things that make a perfect squad

Over the last year and a half, I got a chance to work very closely with at least 5 squads. Finance, Marketing, Customer Expansion (erstwhile eagle eye), Midmarket hunting(technically it’s a POD/tribe), and Inside Sales. Happy to report that all those squads have done phenomenally well especially after I stopped working with them :-). They haveContinue reading “3 things that make a perfect squad”

Learning vs Being Taught

I hated attending class in school, during my undergrad. Even in my jobs I typically just bunked the training sessions. I still managed to do pretty well in school, engineering, and later in jobs.  It’s not because I am somehow more intelligent(Yuval Harari Argues that all humans are equally smart/dumb). It is just because IContinue reading “Learning vs Being Taught”

Underdogs: Step Up

In a professional career, we are often put in situations that are far too challenging for us to cope up with. Our skills and experiences are nowhere near enough for coping up with situations. These are exactly the times for us to grow up and be noticed on global stages. When everyone and everything aroundContinue reading “Underdogs: Step Up”

Why we’ll never hire from Byju’s

We started Bizom to change the CPG industry through digital transformation. To do so, we created a full-stack SaaS platform as a product in a market that was filled with custom service providers. It was a bold and risky decision but it worked. In less than a decade, we have successfully delivered on our promiseContinue reading “Why we’ll never hire from Byju’s”