Humans of Bizom : Rahul Chimnani

The following article was written by Rahul, where he unfolds the story of how he found his way to Bizom! As I write this, “The Trio” from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly plays in my head. No, this post isn’t about Ennio Morricone or gold in a graveyard. It’s about gratitude, and ifContinue reading “Humans of Bizom : Rahul Chimnani”

Humans of Bizom: Srinidhi Shastry

They say that curiosity, doubled with the will to persevere against all odds, is something that takes people places. Such is the case with one of our very own – Srinidhi Shastry, Head of SME Sales at Mobisy. A typical introvert hailing from Krimanjeshwara, Udupi, Srinidhi has come full circle by going from the “shyContinue reading “Humans of Bizom: Srinidhi Shastry”