The Inception

As explained by Lalit Bhise

CEO @ Bizom

“Algorithmic Jugaad” happened to me by accident. Sometime in 2017, I reconnected with Sridhar with aim of getting him formally associated with Bizom. I respect him a lot as a mentor, friend and coach. Before coming on board as a formal adviser, he posed me a challenge. The challenge was to describe Bizom in 2-3 words.

I could not. I could coin words about “what we do” or “how we benefit customers” but I could not come up with a right thing to describe “What we are”. After struggling for 2 weeks and many wrong answers, I finally woke up one day with “Algorithmic Jugaad”. It was an “aha” moment for me. “Algorithmic Jugaad” described Bizom the best. It encompasses what we do, how we do it and how we make difference in our customer’s life.

The most important thing that made us an “Algorithmic Jugaad” company was the fact that we always preferred to work with entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial individuals. This kind of shaped the way of our thinking where getting things done is as much important as getting things done the “right way”. The moment we seem to be doing lot of madness, we wake up to apply method to it. And the moment we start looking too methodical, we add some madness to it to ensure we get things done faster. So most of the things written here are thanks to my awesome colleagues at Bizom!

As Sridhar puts it, Algorithmic Jugaad is a perfect mix of evolution and mutation. I have been seeing Bizom grow fast year on year while still retaining the essence of the company and team. I felt the world should know about how “Algorithmic Jugaad” works and how it could be useful to others trying to build a startup or bring in entrepreneurial mindset in their businesses. Some feedback and anecdotes from others in the community may help us share the concept even further !!

I mostly write stories from my experience in Bizom and my opinions on other instances I see from rest of the world of “Algorithmic Jugaad”.

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About the writer

Lalit is a geek entrepreneur, and a proud father of two wonderful children. He loves to ride his bicycle, and walk in the mountains among other things. He also loves to think that he writes things other people want to read.

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Bizom’s culture is a strong blend of collaboration, progression, and empathy.

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Working in Bizom is like adding multiple layers to your learning like INCEPTION and people having your back when you mess up something like SUITS.

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An organization where you can learn and translate the same into actions quickly

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