Lalit's Corner

A walk-through of some candid anecdotes and experienced wisdom from the desk of our CEO.

Strategy, What strategy?

In this article, Lalit breaks certain myths around the word “strategy”.

3 mistakes as a leader

A note for fellow leaders from Lalit’s desk based on his experiences.

The longest 6 hours of my life

An experience of pushing boundaries and reaching to the top!

3 things that make a perfect squad

In this article, Lalit shares his experience of working with different squads in Bizom.

Learning vs Being Taught

Learning is a continuous process and must be independent of conventional modes of learning i.e. classroom training, formal education, etc.
This article explains it all!

Underdogs: Step Up

Growth happens outside your comfort zone. It happens when you try to do something for which you don’t have enough skills/experience.

My experiments working in a R&D squad

Lalit and Nikhil narrates their experience of working in a R&D squad.

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