“Aikyam,” a Sanskrit term, beautifully embodies the concepts of “unity” and “oneness,” aligning seamlessly with Bizom’s core values. Aikyam is an annual celebration where Bizom comes together to commemorate its triumphs, success stories, partnerships, and a myriad of achievements.

Straight from the Horse's Mouth

Bizom through the years

A Journey of Doubts, Determination, and Deep Connections at Bizom

My first day ended in an impromptu dinner with the team at Anand Sweets…

Milestones and Memories: Reflecting On Two Years At Bizom

A period that now feels surreal and nostalgic as I reminisce about those early days.

Delhi to Bangalore: Implementing The Way To Excellence

The journey in Bizom began with one customer (Fena) as an on-site resource…

Adversity Creates Diamonds

When I joined Bizom in 2013, we had just 10 customers, and among them, major clients were Oxyrich, Hector, and ID Fresh.

Bizom Anthem

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