Life at Bizom

Our people have been creating impact since the inception of Bizom. We love them and they love us too!

People Journey:

Step up and be a hero!

In order to become a hero, first you need to step up and Harsh Jeetendra has been proving this point time and again.

Becoming one of the clients’ favourite trainers

This article is all Jatin describing his journey from being extremely nervous in his first week at Bizom to becoming one of the clients’ favourite trainers.

Letting go of the preconditioning for good

In this article, Vinay, AVP – Business development & Customer operations describes how he had let go of his preconditioning after joining Bizom and how it all turned out for him

You can’t spell “challenge” without “change”

In this article, our Product Marketing Manager, Mehak describes how she ensured that she is sticking to her career path and utilizing all the available opportunities to the fullest.

Successful Misfits

Biomedical Engineer -> Finance Rockstar

Our Finance and Accounts Executive, Shaheen had to make a decision after completing her college and that decision changed her life.

Breaking out of the shell

A tale of an introvert (Abhilash) breaking out of the shell and becoming a rockstar in handling customers.

An Investment Banker turned Product Manager

It’s not really common to see an investment banker transforming into a Product Manager. Let’s read the unique experience in the words of Vibha herself.

Channelizing the Inner Generalist

A journey of following your passion and ultimately ending up building range and a generalist approach.


A new way to look at Employee Satisfaction

A sneak peak on how our HR team came up with an idea of tracking and increasing employee satisfaction.

Hitting the target of Zero Bugs

A tale of setting up a lofty target of Zero Bugs and eventually achieving it.

Changing the way we interact with stakeholders

Prarabdh, VP – Global Customer Success, explains the amalgamation of Customer Obsession and Algorithmic Jugaad.

Delighting customers: The Algorithmic Jugaad way!

Archita, articulating the definition of Algorithmic Jugaad – from the point of view of our amazing CCD (Centralized Customer Delight) team.


A shy guy to a Business Unit Head

Srinidhi Shastry, Head of SME at Bizom, has successfully leveraged his curiosity and perseverance to achieve great milestones.

Connecting the dots backward

In her leadership journey, Archita has created so many leaders along the way. This article describes it all!

The journey of stepping up as VP Marketing

A page from the diary of our VP-Marketing about how she stepped as a true leader at Bizom.

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