Life beyond Bizom

A sneak peek of our people’s life beyond Bizom where they showcase their talents, celebrate their friendships, and much more.

Biking my way from Introversion to Ladakh

Nanda, our product designer sharing his experience how he developed interest in biking and travel which helped him in a lot of ways.

Grow Everyday, Live Everyday

Our Associate Business Analyst Adil is someone who believes that life is all about trying new things regularly and to be honest, we agree with him.

Blessed to have a friend like you!

A story of office friendship narrated in the words of Santhosh (Sr. Software Engineer).

The finest Maggi on Earth

Rishi, our Business Development Manager, explains how three completely different people came together and developed a beautiful bond of friendship.

Two Peas in a Pod

A story about how an extrovert started mingling up with an introvert and developed a long lasting bond of friendship.

Never Judge a Book by its Cover

Arjun Kohli, our Associate Business Analyst, although a man of few words but words came out from him naturally while describing his friend at Bizom

Music Please!

This is an appreciation post for Vijay Lakshmi, our Customer Delight Executive who is a dance maniac, wizard at work and the life of every party.

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