Biomedical Engineer -> Finance Rockstar

Sep 7 | 05 min read


When I joined Bizom, I was fresh out of college, carrying a Biomedical Engineering degree and aiming to work in Finance. Sounds crazy, right?

I’ll give you a little context.

Fresh out of college, I knew exactly what I wanted to do next and what I didn’t want to do. First things first, I decided that engineering is not something that I am really passionate about so let’s close this chapter for now. On the other hand, I always liked Maths and wanted to change my field of study. So, I started building my skills, planned to study further, and as a next logical step, I gave the MBA entrance exams. 

It was all going fine but the thought that loomed over my head was that I had already wasted four years of my life doing something that I did not like. Did I really want to waste another two years in the classroom?

NO! NOT AGAIN! There has to be an another way!

As they say, in today’s world, there is nothing that you cannot learn on your own. So, I built my basic knowledge of Finance and Accounting, but I had no hopes that anyone would give me a job in Finance without any prior knowledge of Finance. However, dedication and perseverance are the answer to most of the complex questions in life.

I gave an interview with Bizom and due to some reasons which I clearly didn’t understand at that time, people here were able to see my passion and without any hesitation they gave me an opportunity to prove myself. At that time, I decided that I will make the best use of this opportunity and at the same time will do justice to the role Bizom offered me. I must admit here that I am blessed to have an amazing team who is always there to back me up whenever I need it and at the same time they push me to expand my boundaries beyond the point I could not even imagine.

Now it has been more than a year in Bizom. And what a year it has been! I have grown, both professionally and personally, made some unexpected friends that I treasure, and so many memories that I cherish. I am forever grateful to Bizom for helping me change my life and do something I love doing! I hope that this journey of change, hope, and growth continues in the future and also I keep on developing amazing bonds here.

Fun Fact: My friends used to call me a malnutrition kid. But thanks to Mobisy Dhaba, I finally started gaining weight 😛

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