A Game of Candy Crush

Aug 29 | 03 min read


I had put down my resignation just 2 days before the first lockdown was announced as I had an offer from Bizom. I was so excited, as everyone is, for starting a new role in a new company. However, that excitement turned into some sort of fear as after 20 days, I got a call from HR saying, “Mansi, we have to delay your joining because of the pandemic and its impacts on the market”. I was puzzled!

At that time, I had a family of 6 staying at my place due to lockdown, and apart from me, my sister was only the earning member. So, I asked HR about the next joining date, and she said it was delayed by a week. After 10 days, I again got a call from her saying it was delayed for 15 more days. By this time, I got a sense that maybe I have to start my job search again and started job hunting again. I even started looking for freelancer work just to support my family at such a hard time.

Destiny had its own role to play

After almost 2 months of delay, finally, HR called and gave me a date of joining which was June 1st, 2020. However, I did have some doubts about the joining :-).

I joined Bizom (it was called Mobisy then and even now by most of the old employees), and the day started with meeting my colleagues including Mischelle and Lalit. At that time, the pandemic’s first wave was a hot topic. Unfortunately, not more than 15 – 20 people came to the office because of the horror of the pandemic. Still, I was happy inside because I had a job that would give me a salary. In addition to that, there were a lot of exciting opportunities waiting for me in Bizom.

The initial few days were full of understanding about Bizom, reading the content available, and talking to my team. I observed that each department was busy adapting to the changing world and that was the need of the hour as well. However, things fell in place slowly for me as Bizom has got a whole bunch of helpful people who are ready to go above and beyond to help you. 

The Game Day 😛

I remember a day when my team members didn’t come to the office, and I had reached a little early before they could inform me. I sat beside Lalit and tried to act as if I was working (P.S. I hate reading, and I got the task of reading case studies, blogs, and whitepapers to understand the product, which I have never seen before). I kept acting for a few hours, and then I saw Lalit playing candy crush. I was like, “if the CEO can play, then why can’t I.” And I started playing, sitting just beside Lalit (Don’t forget, it was my 7th or 8th day in the office, and I was the only person hired at the time of the pandemic, I got to know this later – feeling privileged now :-)).

At this time, Lalit and I were both playing on our mobile phones, and suddenly I realized another thing. I was like, “Mansi, he is the CEO, and you are a new joinee”. So, I slowly shut my phone and started acting again. Lalit, I don’t know whether you have noticed this or not, but I can never forget this.

It has been a fun ride since then. Having worked with a friend like manager and a team who is there to support you at any time. Looking forward to creating more such funny stories in Bizom.

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