A journey of learning, challenges and transformation

Aug 1 | 05 min read


I remember the day when Bizom interview came calling. At that time in college, I was one of the few people who was not placed in any company full time. Also, I was supposed to be outside, giving our seniors a treat instead of attempting the Bizom interview. Please don’t wonder about the reason for treat because in college, lot of things happen without any reason!

However, Bizom happened, and after qualifying the initial round, I was selected for the second round. It was a long interview and I didn’t even realize that it took over an hour, because my batch-mates were asking what took you so long? There was a point after the second round where out of nervousness, I took someone else’s bag and came out of the interview (thinking it was mine). Luckily, that did not impact the interview, as I got selected for the final round.

After the final round it was confirmed that I was selected. I was more relieved than elated once I learnt that information. Nevertheless the celebrations did happen, and a month later, I joined Bizom.

Software engineering -> Sr. Software engineering -> Tech Lead

When I joined Bizom, I was assigned to work with the Selling point team, before working on certain temporary projects like Aloha, and lead management systems. My basic learning/understanding of the problems came from those projects. However, more exciting times were the times when we worked on the platformization. We were supposed to have a platform that would support many core items. Something like the map service came up in order to serve the need for distance calculation and pricing for our clients.

We built a complete and separate service and the integrations were done silently, where the customers did not notice anything because their operations were uninterrupted. What they did notice was better performance, lesser issues, and from the company side, reduced costs. We were hemorrhaging about $25000 a month, and with these changes, we brought it down to $250 per month(cost estimated at 2019).

So, then many such services were built like notification-service, feedback, and many others. In between, time flew by, and I barely registered when I became a senior software engineer and then tech lead. More and more responsibilities were assigned, as I was in charge of maintaining many services. They have been running smoothly with barely noticeable effects to the customer.


I have been lucky enough to try my hand at every item on the technology side, whether it comes to building UI for the apps, or building individual services from scratch from design to production. I have been fortunate enough to be in multiple teams, whether it be the oneview, the retailer team or an individual working on services, or the current CTO squad. The current CTO squad would mean that the entire R&D department would be our customers. This gives us challenges such as improving the performance of the application wherever possible, as well as ensuring security. When it comes to migration, we try to ensure that the entire process is smooth and that our end customers barely notice any difference. The scope of learning and applying the concepts that I have learned over the course of time have been really helpful.


To be honest, there were couple of challenges that I faced but they all turned out to be good learning opportunities for me.

One of the challenges that I remember is the covid19. First with falling sick, and then re-joining the oneview team when key customers were knocking at the door waiting for certain reports. These were trying times when we were to create a new DIY module. We pulled up all-nighters to get things done at that time but the teams’ passion and love for their work made us enjoy those challenges rather than feel stressed about them. 

However, all these challenges acted as an important catalyst to my growth and while I am writing this article, I have this thought in mind that still there is so much to learn and in the future also, Bizom would definitely keep giving me opportunities to learn, grow and transform. 

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