Adversity Creates Diamonds

Oct 06 | 01 min read


I vividly recall Lalit’s advice: “Throw him/her in water; if he survives, then he is there to stay.” Although I initially disagreed with this principle, looking back, I understand its wisdom. Learning through hands-on experiences strengthens our core understanding. While we can seek help from others for certain things, the hard way often teaches us the most valuable lessons. And that is exactly how my journey has been with Bizom.

Early Days With Bizom

When I joined Bizom in 2013, we had just 10 customers, and among them, major clients were Oxyrich, Hector, and ID Fresh. During my early days, I remember we pitched to ParleAgro as well, but we were deemed too small for their requirements, and they rejected us. Ironically, they would later become one of our biggest customers.

Trials & Tribulations

I distinctly remember my encounter with a challenging situation involving a customer named “Vishal Naturals.” Their office, located in Tumkur Village, had no network coverage, making the onboarding process difficult. Despite the obstacles, I managed to convince them and successfully onboarded them to Bizom. Although the venture was not entirely successful, it taught me invaluable lessons, especially on handling adversity early in my journey with Bizom.

The Grind Is Worth It!

In those initial days, customer satisfaction was our top priority. We prioritized their requests, even working late into the night, without complaints. While it might have been taxing, this approach helped us build strong trust with our customers.

Rejection To Revolution

My experience with ParleAgro was transformative. As a full-time resource stationed at their Mumbai office, I interacted with various teams across different verticals. This experience provided me with valuable insights into how customers strategize, plan, and implement their initiatives. Being on-site meant there was no room for delayed responses; everything had to happen instantly. This experience taught me the importance of working independently and making quick decisions. Adversity, as I learned, is a great teacher. Moreover, my time in Mumbai, which was vastly different from the laid-back nature of Bengaluru, taught me how to value my time and stay alert, as competition was always fierce.

Finding Allies

Another significant partner for Bizom was Narang. They were almost like an extension of our team. Whenever we attempted something new, we sought Narang’s feedback and conducted trials with them. Their consistent feedback was invaluable. This experience highlighted the importance of investing time in building trust, as it yields returns in numerous ways.

Swimming to Success

In my opinion, humility and honesty are crucial traits for customer success. When you genuinely try your best to assist the customer, they recognise your sincerity. This often leads to going above and beyond the expected scope of work to help them. Sometimes, in the midst of our roles, we lose sight of why we chose customer success. Remembering the fundamental goal of helping the customer provides the necessary perspective, guiding us back on track. To conclude, swimming against the tide has gotten us from just 10 customers back in 2013 to 500+ customer success stories in 2023. For me, that is a huge W!

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