An architect by degree, designer by profession!

Jul 15 | 05 min read


Since her childhood, Eesha has been surrounded by engineers in her family. However, Eesha always had an inclination towards the creative fields. Considering the influence around her, it was a bit difficult for her to enter into a creative field. Eesha ensured to do justice to her inclination and somehow made her way to the field of architecture.

Finding that “Something”

Even after completing her studies in the field of architecture, Eesha was not at peace with her work. After two years of daily tasks like going for site visits, designing buildings, etc. which Eesha terms as mundane, she was going through an unmotivated patch of life. She felt that “something” was missing.

In quest of that missing “something”, one day Eesha stumbled on this article that talked about “how to make robots more human”. Eesha was intrigued by the title and decided to give it a read. After reading the article, Eesha realized that the concept was more intriguing than the title. The article talked about capturing user behavior and designing robots to behave like humans. This idea clicked Eesha and maybe she found that missing “something”.

Choosing the path of Self Learning

Eesha decided to take deep dive into this. However, it is easier said than done because there was no one to take guidance from. So, she started reaching out to people on Linkedin to get more understanding about this field. Some people were generous enough to reply. That’s how her journey started!

Since she selected the path of self-learning, the road ahead was not clear but her determination and dedication were enough to make up for the unclear road. After a while, she created a portfolio, resume, and cover letter for a company. It took her a complete day to gather the courage to hit that “send” button. However, she didn’t receive a response. Zillions application later, she got an interview call which didn’t turn out well. Whatever she presented was simply rejected which made her lose 2-3 days of sleep. However, from here, there was no going back for her. Finally, she landed a job as a designer and that job also came with its own set of challenges as she was the only designer there.

A year later, she joined Bizom and she is now an integral part of our team. Her self-learning attitude and hustle are something that we appreciate. She believes that there is nothing wrong with failure until and unless you are learning from each failure. She likes to go around telling people this mantra in life i.e “Fail, Learn, Get up, and try again”!

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