An Investment Banker turned Product Manager

Sep 1 | 05 min read


Coming from an educated traditional family, I had to either crack IIT or ……?

There was no “or “ and this was decided when I was born or maybe before.

Time passed, and I had to make a decision with my optional subject in class 9th itself whether I want to take Computer, Technical Drawing, Commerce, or Economics.

Without informing anyone at home, I just enrolled in economics. Only to realize later that no one had problems with that decision of mine anyways. Apparently, dad thought I will learn a little bit of economics too :P. However, as soon as I got done with my 10th board, I was asked to start my physics and chemistry tuitions, and that’s when I knew that I might have to fight or cry now to convince my family that I enjoyed studying economics and “physics samaj nahi aati hai”. I had a realization that if I do not fight for myself now, I am going to struggle to study something which does not interest me and that will go on for 2 years in school and then 4 years of college.

Long story short, even after confronting I had to go for those physics and chemistry tuitions for a week after which I had to take help from my grandfather to convince my father to let me choose my subjects which obviously came with a condition that I will have to either become a Chartered Accountant or get into a government bank as a probationary officer.

Anyways, I got what I wanted and I continued studying economics in junior college and continued in the same field even in my graduation and post graduation.

I did join a bank, a private one though. While I was working there, I was not happy. I ended up working on things there that could inspire me in only one way – LEAVE!!!. Basically, move on and do something which excites me and I can simultaneously make a living out of it. So, there I was, after 4 years of working for a financial institution, I decided to quit my job when the pandemic hit. During covid, I could do a little retrospective and treat it as an opportunity to explore my career once again.

6 months of not leaving the house and a certain amount of dedication to figure out all my skills and what else I can do with them, I figured out maybe the right career path for me would be Product Management.

This story might be relatable to most of you out there. It took me a while to actually get in touch with someone [PS: social networking is good when put to good use, you see!] who understood me and gave me an opportunity to start my career once again. I joined Bizom at the start of 2021 and since then it’s been an amazing journey.

The journey at Bizom which started as an Intern has now brought me to a place where I could proudly say that “Only if you want to do something about it, there is no way it won’t work out.”

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