An Ode to our Go-to Person!

Jul 1 | 05 min read


Dear Kapil,

We thank you for being so reliable and for being someone we can always count on. We honestly wouldn’t have it any other way because we regard you as one of the most significant and unfailing members of Bizom.

From taking up the ownership of a range of administrative tasks to making sure that all our office needs are taken care of, or even setting up a bed in the workplace for when we pass out after our legendary parties, you have never failed to bring your positive attitude to work.

Every person who walks across the Bizom floors has interacted with you, and admired your charm, and your even more awesome tattoos, at one point or another.

We particularly admire your sense of ownership and the fact that you smoothly multi-task various operations with little or no supervision at all. To quote a few examples – You were an unsung hero for many of the guesthouse folks during the pandemic. When the guys were down with the covid, you went the extra mile to make sure that their food and medicines were delivered to them on time, no matter what.

It’s a common fact among the new joiners at Bizom that if anyone new to Bangalore ever gets lost in the city, especially at night, Kapil bhaiya would always be there to help them out.

From joining us as a young assistant in our kitchen team in 2017 to now being a key player in our admin team, you certainly have come a long way. We wish to see you grow and thrive more at Bizom and spread your contagious positive vibes in the future as well.

You already know how much your presence means to us, so a simple “thank you” just won’t do. For all your dedication, efforts, and warmth through the years, the Bizom family heartily salutes you.

Just like how Gotham city has got Batman, we’ve got you!!

“I think Kapil is our key competitive advantage. It’s impossible to meet another Kapil” – Lalit

“Bizom Bangalore office has grown on the strong shoulders of Kapil” – Shree

“Kapil is very humble and kind, he is always ready to help anyone” – Kamal

“Kapil bhaiya is always warm and welcoming” – Manasa

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