Becoming one of the clients' favourite trainers

Nov 24 | 03 min read


Let’s start with the beginning. (That’s how it is supposed to be, right?)


It was a very fine day; I received a message from our HR team on LinkedIn that they were looking for a product trainer. I responded and soon I was done with interviews & HR discussion, and I joined Bizom in the next 15 days as a Product Trainer in the North region.

It all feels very simple, right?

Here comes the unexpected challenge…


The day I joined; Chandan & Priyanka briefed me that a new Enterprise account is going live in two days. This means they wanted me to do in-person training for an enterprise account. Though I had 3+ years of training delivery experience but the product (Bizom) was new to me. Also, IT industry was also very new for me since I came from the automobile industry.

I didn’t know what I was going to do after 2 days, there were so many things in my mind. Priyanka & Chandan did their best and helped me understand the product in and out. But still, I was not confident enough because it was too much to process in a short span of time. I was frightened and not sure that I could handle the session at this stage just with my training expertise.


Then Lokesh came into the picture (my knight in shining armor). He briefed me on each and every functionality of Bizom and made sure that I am confident enough to provide an amazing training experience to my audience. And yes, I delivered my initial batches with a bang. Over next few months, I became the preferred trainer for that account (I am smiling with pride while writing this)

Where it all started!

I have wanted to train people ever since I trained my first batch of participants in year 2017. I’ve always found immense satisfaction motivating and guiding people towards their personal and professional goals. But it was not easy at the start, I still remember the day when I faced my first batch, the audience who were more experienced than me in terms of product and its details. I was terrified that how I am going to deliver the session & then I recall something in my mind.

My motivation: It is a great scene from one of my favorite movies Iqbal

“It is when Iqbal (Shreyas Talpade) became nervous about bowling in front of ‘guruji’ (Girish Karnad) and other players during his bowling audition, his sister, Khadija (Shwetha Basu Prasad) came next to him and tells him to play as he does every day and think of the bystanders as his buffaloes who watches him play daily. This dialogue made Iqbal carefree and he performed excellently in the audition. He got selected for the local team and started playing in the upcoming matches.

At the end of the movie, Iqbal is shown donning the Indian Cricket Team’s Blue Jersey and walking on the ground to make his international debut.”

Since that day, I never looked back. I still get nervous sometimes in front of a group of audience with more experience and intelligence, but that scene still helps me to overcome my fear of performance.

Experiencing the impact of my work at Bizom

Now, whenever I go to a nearby general store, grocery store, pharmacy, or electronic store and I see a salesman using a mobile to capture the order or do an activity efficiently, I can proudly say that I did my job well.

I have learned and grown so much in Bizom because time to time I was pushed by my team and colleagues to take ownership and deliver my best every time. With the kind of growth that I’ve witnessed in the last 2 years, I believe that it’s important to invest in a workplace where I’ll always be able to grow in so many different directions. Especially with the plenty of support and opportunities around me especially from Archita and Lokesh. As I now move on to the next challenge cum opportunity in Bizom, I am quite certain that I will be able to crack it with all the help and support that I always get in Bizom.

I have so many memories and stories that I have lived over the past 2 years. Either from the Bootcamp or All hands or Trainers meet. Also, the culture and people that I have worked with are simply amazing. 


P.S. Bizom’s “People First” motto is something that I can really vouch for!

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