Biking my way from Introversion to Ladakh

Sep 6 | 03 min read


I’ve been an introvert for a major part of my life till 2018. However, after 2018, the fact that I had a very limited number of friends kept on bothering me. Somehow through social media, I developed a deep interest in traveling.

Travelling came as a blessing to my social life as I started making new friends while going on trips with travel groups. Within no time my friend circle increased drastically and I was enjoying every part of it. By 2020, I had explored many places like Gokarna, Dandeli, Murdeswar and many more.
For one of the trips, I randomly decided to travel by bike, and to be honest, that was one of the best travel experiences of my life. However, all this fun and travel halted for a while as the world was hit by covid. By 2020, I was already addicted to traveling, and staying at home for almost 1 year seemed like a big challenge for me.
When I joined Bizom, I had to move to Bangalore. I started exploring Bangalore and places around Bangalore, mostly alone. However, I kept on meeting new bikers along the way and eventually made some very good friends. The love for traveling mixed with my passion for bike rides kept on exciting me more and more. I still remember the day when I got my dream bike “Himalayan”. In Bizom, I met G.V Ramana who is equally passionate about biking and we started traveling to many places together.
Ladakh was one of the dream places that I wanted to travel to, on a bike through Umling La(Highest Motorable Road – 19000ft). In July, 2022, I finally planned for it and traveled there with some unknown people who eventually became my friends. To be honest, the journey was not very easy, but what’s the fun of doing something which is easy, right? I still remember the moment when I almost cried after reaching Umling La. All the efforts seemed worth it at that point in time. It was a rush of so many emotions at the same time. We stayed there for two hours and came back. Although I didn’t really want to come back but there we started experiencing breathlessness (This oxygen, you know!). However, we came back with a sense of achievement and so many amazing memories which we will cherish for our whole life.
I’ve realized that my interest in travel enabled me to make new friends and explore new places. This combination of travel and friends is something that I really appreciate in my life now. Moreover, my bike has become my constant companion and I enjoy every moment spent with it!
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