Breaking out of the shell

Sep 3 | 03 min read


An engineering graduate, introvert in nature wanting to do get into a full time customer facing role! 

Sounds strange, right?

Let me tell you a story…

This is a tale of an introvert breaking out of his shell and embracing socializing. 

It all started with my wish to start my career with an organization that is solving real-world problems and also has a fast-paced environment. I was in the final semester of my bachelor’s when Bizom came for a campus drive. The job description seemed interesting and I decided to give it a go. In the next few days after a few rounds of interviews, I had finally made it through the cut and I was the only recruit from that drive (totally not flexing it xD)

I very clearly remember my first day in office, it was 02nd of August 2021, I finished my onboarding activities in the first half and then the HR had asked me to go meet my buddy* in the Shell Room (another big task for an introvert argghhhh!). I entered the room and there was probably an escalation call going on and I could see the heated conversation in the room and I would not lie, I did have some second thoughts. Being an introvert, talking to people was a task for me and now I was in a room full of people trying to strike a conversation with my buddy.

*Buddy – In Bizom, a buddy is allocated to you at the time of joining. A buddy is a friend, comrade, or a partner whose responsibility is to make the new joinee comfortable in Bizom. The buddy should be the go-to person for the new joinee for any query or concern. 

Considering my social skills, I had thought it would take me forever to connect with people here but to my surprise, within the first few weeks, I had interacted with most of my team members. My role and the work culture here made it very easy for me to socialize with other teams.

Sailing through the sea of FMCG and Customer Support

Being an engineering graduate, I knew absolutely nothing about the FMCG, CPG market and barely knew anything about how customer support works, but thanks to the amazing members of my squad and the amazing peer-to-peer learning culture of Bizom, it all seemed possible. The culture and people here made my transition from college to corporate life absolutely seamless. Now when I look back and see how I transitioned from an engineering background to this role, it all seems like a fairytale.

All that seemed strange in the beginning is now making sense to me and the people around me as well. 

Bizom for me till now has all been about opportunities, challenges, and learnings at every step. I love working in this fast-paced environment where everyone strives to be better than what they were yesterday. This serves as a motivation to people like me who are very early in our careers. One more thing that keeps me going is the direct impact my work has in making life better for the on-field users.

Last one year has been all about learning new things, upgrading my skills. This short stint has been amazing and I eagerly look forward to what the future holds for me at Bizom.

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