Changes are a bliss

Sep 5 | 05 min read


Change is a part of life. Some changes can change your life drastically. Sometimes you might realize it the moment the change happens and sometimes it takes you a bit of time to acknowledge how drastically your life changed (for good ofcourse!). Basically, some of these changes happen “to” you and some of these changes happen “for” you.
Starting my journey with Bizom was a big change for me considering it was my second innings of the career. Even after spending 2.5 years in Bizom, I still look back and wonder how did it happen? However, I am pretty sure about the fact that this change happened “for” me. Since Bizom was the second innings of my career, I still remember the first day when I walked into the office. It was a feeling of mixed emotions i.e. joy, nervousness and excitement all at a same time. I started on a contractual role but to my surprise, I was offered a permanent role within 3 months of my joining. Moreover, this happened at the time of pandemic when the lay-offs were going on around the world.
Pandemic came as a blessing in disguise for me. It brought a new challenge of fundraising in the shortest possible time when every one of us was working from home. Moreover, people were not very used to the work-from-home concept as they are now. However, this challenge came with a set of learning as well. It is said that teamwork can even make a dream work and this is exactly what happened. The best part about working with Bizom is the feeling of being trusted. I was entrusted with the responsibility of interacting with the investor group and other stakeholders. With the guidance of Bizom’s leadership team, all the challenges seemed possible.
Though I was a company secretary by profession, I always had an inclination toward corporate legal. Again Bizom’s leadership trusted me for this and made this career move possible. I’ve realized that these changes, whether big or small, all of this become a bit easy when you have someone to trust you and mentor you while you are going through these changes. In Bizom, this has always been the case. I had always someone to mentor me and back me up whenever I made any mistake. On top of that, the leaders here are highly respectful and at the same time fun to work with.
Now when I look back at my journey, I realise that I have a diverse range of experience working with the legal teams of customers ranging from SMEs to Enterprise clients globally. This experience involves contract closures, FEMA, contract automation, vendor contracts, corporate secretarial, etc.
The uniqueness about the culture in Bizom is that it grooms you both personally and professionally. I really owe this organization for what I am today.
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