Channelizing the Inner Generalist

Aug 29 | 05 min read


Being a civil engineering graduate, I had a clear idea that civil engineering is not something that I would want to do for the rest of my life. Then what it is that I want to do?

In the quest to answer the above question, I was exploring career options other than civil engineering after my graduation. Being passionate about content development, I joined a marketing agency and worked there for 6 months. I must accept that I really enjoyed working there because the work was so dynamic and interesting. At the same time, I was also passionate about public speaking and wanted to make it my full-time career. I started working for it simultaneously while I was working for the marketing agency and eventually things fell in place and I got a job as Soft Skills Trainer in a training company. I really enjoyed working there as well as I was doing something which I was really passionate about. Simultaneously, I was also involved in managing digital marketing activities for the company. The learnings from my previous experience of working in a marketing agency really helped me.

Generalist Vs. Perfectionist

After working there for around 1 year, I wanted to learn the nuances of product training as well and that was the time, I got an opportunity to work with Bizom. Meanwhile, I was exploring/expanding my career boundaries, people always use to tell me why are you trying to put your finger on every pie (Content development, marketing, training, etc.). Why can’t you just settle with one thing? However, my personal belief was that I should not try to become a perfectionist in one field but rather become a generalist at least at this point in my career. However, I always had this doubt that whether my approach of being a generalist will help me in the long run or not.

Developing Range

I started working as a product trainer in Bizom and eventually got into content development as well. After some time, I got a chance to work as a part of the core team in CCD that strategically worked towards improving the overall performance of the team.

In one of the annual conclaves of Bizom, there was this session around developing a range. In that session, I realized that being a generalist is not as bad as some people believe it to be. Meanwhile, I applied for the catalyst role at Bizom. Being a catalyst, you get a chance to work directly with the CEO, and what can be a better way to build a range other than that?

Fortunately, I was selected for the catalyst role, and to be honest, the tenure of being a catalyst was the best time of my career till now. My tenure was supposed to be of 3 months but it eventually got extended to 6 months. Moreover, after my catalyst tenure, I got an opportunity to work with CEO’s office full time. The best part about working in the CEO’s office is that you get to work with multiple departments and multiple projects at the same time and being a generalist, I love doing that. Fortunately, Bizom’s culture is such that all the leaders here understand the importance of building range and I get the right mentorship here in order to do so.

Honestly, I never thought that I will be to able channel my inner generalist in the corporate world but Bizom made it possible.

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