Connecting the dots backward

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Steve Jobs said “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.”

The previous night I was reviewing collection numbers and getting the collection stuff sorted. In Jul 2016, when I joined Mobisy, I was ready and enthusiastic about solving customers’ problems but very reluctant in asking for money. I had called Lalit and confessed that I can’t ask for money from customers and here I am working towards making the collections process more efficient along with other initiatives in the Finance team as VP of Finance 🙂

I am glad that I have a fantastic finance team who are ready to take up more challenges and I can see the zeal in these two months.

2016: I was in a deep slumber when Lalit called to check how my startup is progressing. I told him that I am thinking of taking up the role of a consultant and immediately he said “Well wait, I have an opening in the Delhi Office. I had a follow-up discussion with Arun and then accompanied Rohan to a customer meeting. Yes, I joined customer meetings even before joining Bizom. I came to Bangalore to understand how Bizom is helping its customers. It had 1.5 days back-to-back sessions with Shree, Srinidhi, Sahaja, Vasu and Lalit.

I got some clarity and on the 5th day of my joining, I was sitting in one of our customer’s workshops along with Lalit and the customer’s wish list of 200 slides. The workshop went well. Thanks to Lalit for all the help.

Now the battle started

Started meeting one customer after another. My situation was like Charlie Chaplin’s when I tried fixing one issue and removed my hands from the old one – “Naya to fix ho gaya but wo purana wala phat gaya.”

In the first week after joining, I went to meet one mid-market customer, it was a long pending issue for Go live.

He told me “Go live in 2 days, or else I am not ready to discuss anything.” Yes, we had gone live in 2 days!

I consistently tried and built a bridge of trust with all the customers and got amazing support from Vasu,Nikhil, Sahaja, Srinidhi, Lav, Saurav, Chandan, Dinesh Kumar who were my battalion to “fateh Dilli”. The Delhi tribe became bigger, Nishu and Chitraangi joined and took care of accounts along with Lav, Saurav and Chandan. I handed the Delhi Sales team to Prarabdh’s responsible hands and moved to Bangalore.

I am a people person and love working with highly energetic and ambitious people. Being a problem solver I was ready to take up new challenges. While I was working as a North Sales Head, at the same time I got curious to work and solve delivery-related issues. I started heading a shared pool team (CCD team). It was just a 6 people team, Sahaja and Kishore were there along with other team members. 

The call support team has taken up evangelization as one of the KPIs along with other KPIs like 95% FCR etc. and made great progress in Aldrin’s leadership while Dinesh moved to the south sales team. Just before Covid we were struggling to implement the integration, Sudarshan stood and took the responsibility, he did successfully go live for one of our crucial customers and built a strong team who has taken care of all the API and File-based integration. 

DP and then Dinesh Kumar Prasad took over Connect implementation responsibility. Syed Kabeer joined when we were facing some challenges in connect implementation for one of our clients, he pulled his sleeves and told me “Aap Bhool Jao ab, Main hoon na”.Sahaja helped shape the CCD team and everyone started loving us and had less doubt about the team’s capability. While the CCD team was doing Go Live and Implementation, we felt Enterprise Customer needs hyper care and hence created the CEE team. Kishore had taken up responsibility for that. We went live with so many enterprise accounts. I still remember at 7:30 pm, I got a call from Abhi and Rohan that the deal is closed for two major enterprise accounts and that we need to be live within 45 days. Vikas, Deepthi, Dinesh Kumar Prasad, James, Purushottam, and Pramod took ownership and started working for the CEE team. How can I forget Syed Asim, the great firefighter who helped most of the newcomers? Satya took responsibility as a team lead and worked endlessly for new Go Lives. Aldrin took care of Mid Market and Jyothi took ownership of SME implementation and support. We formed a content team led by Abdullah and created beautiful videos.

We formed a Data Analyst team and Madhusri was up and ready to take up that challenge. Karthik V joined back along with Nitin, Kristuraju, and Shiva. I still remember that one entire night we all worked together to deliver reports and dashboards. I was sure very soon this team will also shine like other initiatives. I feel so proud of how CCD and CEE took ownership of all delivery related to work.

While heading the Admin team, we got renovation done for the 2nd floor and along with Bhaiya and Muskan revamped the whole menu. It was great fun working with Bhaiya, Muskaan, and Kapil(Our rockstar). Once Sridhar mentioned that the Kitchen team is the best team in Mobisy and I completely agree that the Kitchen team is one of the best teams in Mobisy, scaling up from serving 20-30 people to 200+ people is not a joke. Three important meals a day, I am privileged and thank Bhaiya, Muskaan, Kapil, and the whole kitchen team.

While I was doing A to Z in my startup I never thought I would use all my learnings in Bizom. As Steve Jobs said: now I can also connect dots backward.

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