A new way of looking at Employee Satisfaction

Sep 5 | 03 min read


We are a customer-obsessed company. Moreover, we do justice to this claim every single day. Over the years, we have come up with innovations in order to make our customers extremely successful and we will continue to do so in future as well. We believe that our customers’ success will truly determine our success as well. So, customer satisfaction has always remained at the core of Bizom. We have always ensured that we provide ultimate customer delight and satisfaction.
In addition to our customers’ success, being a people-first organization, we believe that the success of our company is determined by one more very important parameter. That parameter is the success of our people working in Bizom.
  • Are our employees constantly growing in the organization?
  • Do our employees have clarity of their career path in the organization?
  • Are they constantly appreciated and recognized for their efforts?
  • Are they really happy with the work they are doing?
Above are some of the questions that we keep on asking ourselves on a regular basis to ensure that employees’ success also remains at the core of Bizom. Considering this fact, our HR team recently came up with an idea that as we measure our customer satisfaction (CSAT) constantly, why not start measuring employee satisfaction (ESAT) as well? With the help of ESAT ratings, we would be able to gauge the satisfaction of people working in Bizom and thereby enabling us to take necessary steps to increase employee satisfaction. Moreover, the team agreed on the fact that capturing employee satisfaction just through some conventional surveys can have possible gaps and it might not give a clear picture of employee satisfaction.
So, the HR team and some of our leaders came together and decided on some parameters on the basis of which the ESAT will be calculated. These parameters were carefully decided which were direct indicators of employee satisfaction in the company. Moreover, the parameters that were decided were completely quantifiable to eliminate any chances of subjectivity while calculating the ESAT. So, the process started.
The HR team started calculating ESAT on a weekly basis. These ESAT ratings constantly gave us an idea about how satisfied our employees are. Moreover, calculating ESAT was not just the only motive. The motive was to increase it as much as possible and as quickly as possible.
All these efforts were made keeping in mind one of the most crucial aspects of our culture i.e. “People”. Being a people-first organization, we would never want to compromise on our employee satisfaction, and the constant increase in the ESAT from the time we started calculating it, shows that we are on the right track. However, despite this constant increase, our team is always wondering “what else can we do for our people?” and to be honest, we love this attitude.
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