Delhi to Bangalore: Implementing The Way To Excellence

Oct 07 | 01 min read


Humble Beginnings

I became a part of Bizom in April 2016 in Delhi, back when there was no New Delhi office. At that time, we had very few customers (around six or less) in the North. Our 2BHK Delhi Guest House became my reporting venue. Shree was also in Delhi, and she helped me complete the HR formalities. The very next day, she asked me to join her for a client meeting (Mars). Back then, we didn’t have many facilities, but one thing was clear to me – everyone at Bizom was eager to learn and grow. I felt privileged to join this team on their journey to success.

Finding My Niche With Fena

After a few days, I went to the Bangalore office for training and to meet the people there. I returned to Delhi after a week with responsibility for Mahesh Oil and Fena accounts. I was on-site in Fena for three months to ensure a successful implementation, as Smitesh was driving the implementation from Mumbai, and it was challenging for me to replace him and gain customer confidence in Fena, but I did it in two weeks.

Archita, Another Pivotal Figure

Archita joined the team in Delhi after a few weeks, and, as the first step, she took an office space. Though it was a smaller one, for a team of 4-5 people, it was sufficient. With time, we gained new customers and began to grow month after month. Coming from an implementation background, I had never considered doing sales, but Archita had faith in me and pushed me to take on the farming responsibility, which I did after a few months. I began attending sales meetings, and over time I learned how to connect with prospects and clients, as well as the art of selling. I also learned a strong negotiation skill that has helped me not only professionally but also at times in my personal life.

Dreams Turned Into Reality

I had always wanted to work with a few brands like DS Group, RSPL, and Mother Dairy, and with leadership support at Bizom, I was able to make that happen. We closed DS Group and Namaste India (part of the RSPL Group) and did successful onboarding, and our sales team recently closed Mother Dairy. I worked with many other brands, but these three (Fena, NIFPL, and DS Group) have a strong emotional connection with me. Throughout this journey, I encountered numerous setbacks, but I learned from them and moved on.

A Giant Leap

After working in the North Farming team for 4+ years, I was given the opportunity to lead the enterprise project management team. I relocated to Bangalore in January 2022 and joined the CEE team, where I am now in charge of a team of 70+ people. It has not been easy because I have never led such a large team before, but I am succeeding thanks to the guidance and support of the leadership team (Archita, Shree, Lalit, and Nikhil).

Journey Mirroring Bizom's Growth

The journey in Bizom began with one customer (Fena) as an on-site resource, and now I am leading a team of 75 people (Mobisy’s strength in 2016 was less than this) and dealing with 40+ enterprise customers. In the vibrant tapestry of Bizom’s growth, my story is just one thread. Yet, it represents the spirit of every individual here—where challenges are stepping stones, setbacks are lessons, and dreams are not just pursued but achieved.

Keep learning, keep growing.

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