Different Episodes of Preethi’s Life at Bizom

Aug 25 | 05 min read


Episode 1: Preethi as a client

In 2016, I was working with one of Bizom’s clients as an MIS. There I observed that as a client, we were not using most of the data that is available in Bizom. Considering this situation, I started training all the people at the managerial level on how we can utilize Bizom data to get good insights for our business. I used to interact regularly with the support and sales team of Bizom. Moreover, I used to visit the Bizom office for various meetings. During that time, I really admired the enthusiasm with which people work at Bizom. Fortunately, one day I got an opportunity to be a part of Bizom. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, I immediately grabbed it because of all the admiration that I had for the people here.

Episode 2: Preethi as FTR

At the time of joining, there was a client who wanted a full-time resource to sit in their office to streamline the processes in Bizom. They wanted someone with good FMCG and Bizom knowledge. I was considered to be the right person for this responsibility. Moreover, the added advantage was that the client’s office was very near to my home :P. The role of an FTR came with its own set of challenges because when you are at a client location, you are pretty much answerable for everything on the spot. All these challenges were followed by a great set of learnings that helped me develop so many skills. After my FTR period also, I continued to give them support.

Episode 3: Preethi as a Problem Solver (Not everything needs a designation)

One day I got a call that there is a big escalation from a crucial customer. Due to some reasons, they were not able to go live. I was given the responsibility of handling this situation. I went to the client’s location to find out the gaps and how we can resolve this situation as soon as possible. We figured out a plan, resolve the situation and to everyone’s surprise, we were able to go live within one week. It was a proud moment for me and again the learning that followed was immense.

Episode 4: Preethi as a Quality Analyst

As my journey continued as a part of the CCD team, one fine day, I was approached if I would be interested to join the QA team. This is the beauty of working with Bizom, you will always have a new opportunity waiting for you so the work is always challenging and it excites you as well. So, I accepted the offer and joined as QA.

Episode 5: Preethi as a Release Manager

After working as a QA for a few years, another opportunity came knocking at my door and this time it was to become a release manager. Currently working as a release manager, now when I look back at my journey in Bizom, it gives me literal goosebumps about how I started and where I am now. The learnings, the bonds, and the amazing memories that I have created with the people here are simply amazing. I am looking forward to many more beautiful episodes ahead in Bizom.

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