Discovery of the passion for coding through filmmaking

Jul 1 | 05 min read


Narasimha Kamath, our very own senior software developer has a unique story about the discovery of his passion for coding. His story always reminds us that one can discover his/her passion through the most unconventional ways as well.

When he was 16 years old, Narasimha got his first mobile phone that had a camera. At that time, having a camera on a mobile phone was not very normal. Narasimha realized that since he has a camera on his phone, he can click pictures as well :P. There was something about clicking pictures that used to excite him. Initially, when he started clicking a lot of pictures, he used to believe that he was doing a great job but according to his friends and peers, this was not the case. However, this didn’t discourage him. He kept on learning through various experiments and eventually learned to compose and frame pictures as well. This didn’t stop here. Going further, he took his learnings to the next level by learning video making.

The journey that started from clicking bad pictures eventually went to creating music videos with popular Malayalam film industry music labels, and music bands, and even sold a 25-second time lapse video to Uber for an advertisement.

If we consider the academic side of Narasimha’s life, it wasn’t going that well. His parents wanted him to be an engineer. He pursued electrical engineering but it eventually took him 5 years to complete his bachelor’s. After completing his engineering, he decided to join an internship/training program and learned coding there with the sole purpose of getting a job. Eventually, he developed an interest in coding. After his internship program, he joined us as a software developer.

His self-learning attitude and willingness to learn things quickly are some things that got him into Bizom. Through his journey, he realized that initially, he thought that filmmaking is his passion but the reality was something different. 

He realized that from the very beginning his passion was to create something that people can consume. This is what attracted him to filmmaking and this is what he liked about coding. The realization that whatever he is creating through his codes, is used by more than 500 global brands gives him the kick to keep going. 

This passion is reflected in his work as we have constantly witnessed Narshimha’s growth over the past years. In addition to all of this, it is always great to have a filmmaker friend with us!

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