Forty Kilometres And A Dream

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Gala Office Crash Course

On my second day at Mobisy in 2015, Srinidhi took me along for a customer visit to the Gala office, where we were supposed to provide training to 96 employees. However, I was clueless about how to log in or what the URL was. I was extremely nervous and didn’t know how to handle so many people. Srinidhi came to my rescue and supported me by showing me the PPT and answering my queries.

Finding Fulfilment in Client Satisfaction

Working with Gala as my first customer marked the beginning of my journey. Subsequently, I acquired clients like Sumeru and others, undertaking complete implementations for them. My role extended beyond mere implementation; I provided continuous call support, making 30-40 calls daily to encourage usage. Simultaneously, I received 20-30 daily calls regarding app-related queries. I went above and beyond, sharing FAQs, guiding their teams on order placement, outlet locations, and beats. I was so deeply involved that, at times, employees whom I hadn’t met believed I was a part of their company. I even handled tasks like managing leave requests. Those days were indeed hectic but incredibly rewarding.

Leadership Transition

As I gained more experience at Bizom, my responsibilities grew, and I ended up managing a significant number of accounts, around 27, as a single point of contact. Presently, I have transitioned to a leadership role at CCD, where I lead a squad comprising 7 team members and oversee approximately 56 accounts.

2G Network Struggles

We had a 2G network available those days, so Bizom used to take time to log in, and there were limits on mobile data usage in MBs! There were a lot of Internet-related queries since people didn’t know what Wi-Fi, network, GPS, etc. meant. So many crazy questions used to come, and it was a good experience. Today you have a 5G network, and now no one says that Bizom is not loading; you can say 1-2% of people say that, and that’s it. So that was a huge change, as I can see now.

A Shout Out To Srinidhi and Bhupendra

Srinidhi was my buddy and guru, and he taught me how Bizom works business-wise and product-wise. Also, Bhupendra was the one who taught me the tables. We committed a major error in Narang’s database, updating the inventory for all warehouses to 1 lakh. Bhupendra, Srinidhi and I stayed in the office until 4:00 am to replace all the inventory with the correct inventory. Table-wise guidance on what to do and what not to do? How does a structure work? Bhupendra gave me a lot of gyan on that.

Navigating Complex Challenges

Handling van sales through DMS was a big challenge during my implementation of the Coca-Cola module in Nagpur. We had to manage three portals – Superior, Narmada, and Udaipur. Since we had not used van sales much before, it took us almost three months to overcome this challenge. I had to deal with each distributor and every paisa, which was quite a task. We had to manage printer sizes, Bluetooth printers, return loading settlements, and individual day-wise settlements. We received queries all day long. Each ticket had to be tested, resolved and sent to the back-end team on the same day as they had to do settlement. This was a challenging account that impacted my journey.

A Leap of Faith and Achievement

The TeamLease account presented a different kind of challenge. In 2016, Abhishek called me one day and told me this is my biggest account till now, and the CMRR was 8 lakhs in 2016, so you have to take care. I had no idea how to take care of such a challenge then, but he had faith in me at that time.

We had to implement a white-label app and provide attendance locations to the TeamLease office. They required a pre-workshop where we had to demonstrate our work. Consequently, I had to visit their office daily in the first half of the day and spend the second half at the Mobisy office working with the R&D team. The next day, I had to go back to the TeamLease office to show them the changes we had made. Although it was challenging, I was able to overcome the difficulties and achieve success.

Team Lease holds a special place in my heart. The people there were always supportive and respectful, giving us the freedom to work and share our opinions. I cherished every moment of working with them.

Championing Success

Working with Halonix was a source of immense pride. Seeing a company with over 100 crore revenue improve business by around 20% thanks to Bizom was a remarkable experience. Their growth, from 100-150 users to 300 in just 1-2 years, was a testament to our contributions.

The Commute: My Daily Odyssey

I used to commute from a location approximately 40 kilometres away from the Bangalore Bizom office. It struck me that very few people at the office would make such a lengthy and costly (pun intended) commute as I did. While I opted for the Indian railway, where a single train’s cost could range from 50 to 80 crores, my daily routine consisted of using three modes of transportation. First, I would take a vehicle from my home to reach the railway station. From there, I would catch the train. After arriving at my destination, I would once again take another vehicle in Bellandur to finally reach the office. This was my daily journey, which has been ongoing from that time up until now, covering the route from home to the office and back again. This is a personal aspect of my life.


I’ve been fortunate to meet many supportive colleagues here, from Bhaiyaji to Lalit sir and Shree, all of whom are approachable and great conversationalists. When I first joined the CCD, Archita played a pivotal role in my journey. She consistently motivated me to believe in myself and my capabilities. Those early days were unforgettable, and their unwavering belief in me has been instrumental in my significant progress. I’m deeply thankful to these amazing individuals.

As we continue our paths, I want to leave my colleagues with a message: stay patient and calm when dealing with customers. Understand their needs, build what they’re looking for, and provide temporary solutions when they’re in a hurry. By following these steps, we can find success and continue to delight our customers with our service.

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