Letting go of the preconditioning for good

Nov 20 | 05 min read


It was a sunny afternoon during Nov 2019 when I received a call from Manasa, I couldn’t even remember that I had applied for a position at Bizom, as I had applied for countless jobs by then. My interview was with Suvinay and then I was put in touch with Srinidhi.

I was almost in a state of defeat and distress when I joined Bizom with heavy preconditioning and wasn’t sure of what position I was being hired for, all I knew was I was an intern.

I was exposed to those sophisticated MNCs throughout my career. During my interview at Bizom, I saw other candidates mentioning Lalit’s name under the ‘Whom to meet’ section of the visitor register. I was a bit nervous that the CEO of the company shall interview me because a CEO in a multinational company walks around in a flashy suit speaking extremely formal English, holding a laptop, and calling other A-grade executives for frequent meetings also the elevator shall be reserved for him when he enters/leaves office premises.

Srinidhi welcomed me into the team on the 4th floor on the 19th of Nov 2019 where Sales & CCD used to sit together including Lalit, Anoop sir, and the SME team was just a few months old by then, and we were only 4 members the team. I saw Lalit taking the stairs to the 4th floor wearing a white/cream-colored jacket, he seemed not feeling well and was coughing, and a notebook in his hand (honestly, he looked like one of us).

Suvinay instructed me to read through the Wiki and ask for any doubts and clarifications and later I started to attend client calls with him to understand requirements. I spent considerable time sitting with CCD to learn the product and process.

Dealing with the preconditioning and uncertainity

My experience ranged from a manufacturing plant to a corporate headquarters to a BPO to an entertainment media company to an IT company. My preconditioning from my previous experiences took a while to get over, it wasn’t easy.

Just as I completed my internship and stepped in as ABA, which was again a probationary period for me, the entire world was stuck with the pandemic Covid 19, which caused a lockdown that lasted for about 40 odd days throughout the entire nation. Having already had enough hustle before joining Bizom, this wasn’t something I could digest easily.

We faced the 2nd wave too and many were reluctant to resume office, our colleagues lost their near and dear ones, and many suffered themselves and it went on as if it would never end.

I could not work from home and was eager to come to work. Lalit and other leaders of Bizom kept calling, and when the HR team and other members acted bravely and started showing up at work, things slowly improved, and normalcy could be seen.

The happiness that followed

Life started flourishing again, while Srinidhi offered motherly compassion, remained approachable, mentor at work, Lalit stood as a benchmark that I cannot even imagine reaching closer to both personally and professionally. These two energies have bonded me to Bizom so strongly that I have held them dear to my heart to this day.

I got my first Promotion in Bizom as a Farmer and I also realized that titles do not matter as everybody is a leader in this culture, nevertheless, my heart was filled with gratitude for Srinidhi for bringing out the best in me.

My quest for a sense of belonging at the workplace has finally been fulfilled here in Bizom and I sincerely bow down to the divine for this. The founders of this company are the greatest humanitarians, they deserve the highest love and respect, and they continue to earn social blessings for their great minds and deeds, Bizom shall prosper forever.

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