Milestones and Memories: Reflecting On Two Years At Bizom

Oct 08 | 01 min read


Shifting Perspectives

Lalit’s aversion to MBA advice during our first meeting and his philosophy of “If you see a pothole, instead of advising on how to fill it, the expectation is that you fill it, show others how you filled it, and then move on the journey” have profoundly impacted my perspective. These principles underscore the importance of practical, hands-on experience and proactive problem-solving.

Navigating Challenges

I joined Bizom in October 2021, a period that now feels surreal and nostalgic as I reminisce about those early days. I was immersed in Bizom’s intricate technical architecture and received guidance from the sales team to become a versatile professional, focusing on the outcomes. At the outset, I handled three customers, and the first among them was Nourishco in December 2021. Nourishco’s go-live experience was riddled with challenges, teaching me the vital importance of expectation setting in client management. I learned the significance of meticulous fact-checking before making commitments, the transformative power of ownership in resolving both internal and external issues, and the invaluable support available at Bizom for those who prove deserving. Over the two years, my clientele has expanded from three to fifteen—a testament to the growth and challenges I’ve encountered.

Bridging Boundaries

Expressing the vastness of my learnings over these two years is challenging, but it has been a journey of personal discovery, experimentation, recognizing strengths, learning people management, and navigating the complexities of being perceived as a key stakeholder or owner.

The Ripple Effect

In this role, I’ve come to understand that the success of IT implementation hinges on the client viewing us as partners. Managing internal communication effectively and ensuring each team member takes full ownership of their tasks is pivotal. Even a minor delay in any part of the process can disrupt the entire operation. Learning the delicate balance between assigning tasks and transferring accountability has proven to be my most significant challenge, one that I am continuously working on.

Collaborative Success

I take immense pride in the success story of one of my key accounts, ABIN Bev. During our partnership, they experienced a remarkable 20% increase in market share, a testament to our collaborative efforts. Witnessing their rapid scaling in India, coupled with our strategic interventions to optimize their route to market, has been incredibly rewarding.

Nurturing Impactful Connections

Reflecting on my journey, I am deeply grateful for the impactful interactions and relationships that have shaped my experience at Bizom:

  1. Facing people management challenges and finding unwavering support from Prarabdh, who placed his trust in me.
  2. With Ayush, who stuck through thick and thin with the region. Always a fan of unwavering confidence and loyalty.
  3. With Akash, & his journey from being a classmate to now being a friend and an important team pillar, helping take care of the fort and ensuring we push our benchmarks each time.
  4. Engaging in extensive discussions with Abhi has honed my negotiation skills, providing essential insights into client interactions.
  5. Engaging in debates with Harsh has pushed us to excel, ensuring our clients receive the best from Bizom. His thought-provoking questions during Emami Limited’s go-live were invaluable.
  6. Collaborating with Parth has provided a platform for discussing processes, new business units, Bizom improvement ideas, and client interactions, reinforcing the importance of focusing on our sphere of control.

What’s In It For You?

With retrospection as my guide, I offer three pieces of advice:

  1. Think before you speak or act.
  2. Don’t hesitate to say, “I will check and get back,” no matter the stakeholder’s status.
  3. Avoid taking everything personally; maintain a professional perspective.
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