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Jul 25 | 03 min read


If life were a party, Vijayalaxmi would be the first one to raise a toast. A boss lady who has her footwork and network both in place. Be it dance or work, she is always a step ahead (pun intended). Like every mother, Vijayalaxmi’s mom pushed her to take extra-curricular activities.

At the age of seven, she realized that dance brought out the true sparkle in her. She was more inclined toward Bharatanatyam and dedicated long hours of relentless practice to it. She was getting better day by day and decided to give this passion more room to grow. She successfully completed the junior level examinations for Bharatanatyam and became a certified trainer too. She has a deep love for Carnatic music and digs in for the classical nuances of it while singing.

There’s a lot more to Vijayalakshmi. She is beauty, she is grace, she can punch you in the face. That’s right! She has also been trained in Karate. A women of power and grace fears nothing. Invincible in her own ways, Vijalakshmi truly stands out for all of us. She has been practicing Bharatanatyam for more than 10 years now in the course of which she won multiple awards; Kishora Pratibhe, Vachanashree, Vruttishchaitanyaratna, Nrutyashree and Natyarani to name a few. 

Along with being a dance maniac she is a wizard at work. Vijayalakshmi, we are blessed to have you at Bizom. Looking forward to shake a leg at the next office party. Till then, Be You and Shine.

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