Never judge a book by its cover

Aug 1 | 03 min read


I joined Bizom last year only. Doesn’t seem so!

It’s like I’ve spent long years here!
I have developed deeper, lasting relationships and friendships here than in all of my earlier young and professional life. Except school & college, of course 🙂

Why is it so ? This may not be very apparent to an outsider because most offices today like to boast of open culture, semi-formal attire, Friday binges etc. But, what makes Bizom different is its trusting, empowering, and free environment where where there is genuine respect for the individual & his/her space. Deep respect!

This culture has led me to develop a beautiful bond of friendship with one of my colleagues. Despite having completely opposite personalities, I love to call Pratyaksh Choudhary (PC) a dear friend.

PC is a highly intelligent and competent ABA & yes, a big chatterbox! On the other hand, I’m a bit reserved.

I was new, learning new things and he was there all along nudging me, giving useful Gyan & being my stressbuster. (Trust me, PCs can make you laugh all day long !)

In my first month when I was finding my feet, despite being extremely busy, he was never reluctant to help me – just like that!

PC did it ‘to help and add value wherever required. That was the start of a friendship that blossomed automatically with every passing day. PC looked so young but turned out to be deeply intellectual – which only goes to prove the saying “Never judge a book by its cover.”

He can give you a new, logical, and different perspective which you get to appreciate more and more with time.

All who have met PC know that he has no filter & is brutally honest when needed (One of the traits which I am trying to imbibe).

And last but not the least, PC is an amazing singer & one crazy companion to party with !

So, here’s to discovering new friends at Bizom and 3 Cheers to its awesome culture and an awesome team !

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