Paving my way through changes/opportunties!

Sep 9 | 05 min read


1st Innings in Bizom

Being a fresher, when I was searching for a job in 2015, I was grateful that Bizom gave me an opportunity to work with the team as a QA Engineer. At that time, the IT industry was completely new to me and I barely had any idea about how to start. While working as a QA Engineer, I started learning about the domain and started building my career in IT. The team was extremely helpful to me as I learned about the different testing techniques and domain details with the help of the team. Unfortunately, I left the company in 2016 due to some personal reasons.

Second Innings

I started my second innings with Bizom in 2018 with new hopes. I started again with the same roles and responsibilities. In Bizom, if you have the hustle and determination, then there is no shortage of opportunities. After working for almost a year as a QA engineer, I was presented with a new role of handling our ERP integration module. I took this as a challenge and started working on it. The new opportunity came with a new set of challenges. For this role, I had to coordinate with RnD team, clients and a third party team for integration. It turned out that a new set of challenges came with a new set of learning as well. There were instances where I got stuck but people were there to help me. It came a point where I started handling integration requests single handedly and thereby delivering the customer requests successfully.

Addiction of Challenges

By this time, I was addicted to challenges and the learning that came along. I moved back to the QA team in the quest of more challenges. Many structural changes happened in the QA team while I was working with the integration team. Moreover, we were also dealing with covid at that time. So, getting back to QA team was a bit challenging but again, people were there to help me out.

In the first quarter of 2021, I took a new responsibility of mentoring new joinees about the modules we have in Bizom. I enjoyed this phase a lot. I mentored almost all the new joinees in the team. In the process, I realized while I was mentoring, my growth also happened very rapidly.

By the end of 2021, I was presented with a new role of “Product Manager”. I was very happy about this opportunity but inside, I was a bit hesitant. I started talking to various leaders and other team product team members. They gave me enough confidence and therefore I decided to give it a shot. Initially, I faced some challenges but then I started enjoying it. Together we worked on a successful project of launching Bizom IOS app.

One thing that I’ve realised in my journey till now is that opportunities will always be there in Bizom. You just have to be willing enough to take up the challenges and get outside your comfort zone. 

People will always be there to help you!

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