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I came to Bangalore in September, 2021 to complete a college project. However, soon college was about to end and I needed to figure out my way forward. I started applying for jobs on various portals, sent a dozen emails to various companies and finally got shortlisted by two companies, one being Bizom.

Within 2-3 days, I got my interview scheduled and a very funny/interesting thing happened to me at the time of the interview. I thought Bizom was into e-commerce and I said that to Archita at the time of the interview. To which Archita politely corrected me. We had a good discussion after that and after a few days, I got my offer letter from Bizom.
P.S: To be honest, I thought that I completely blew off my interview because of my mistake. However, destiny had better plans for me in Bizom.

Expectations Vs. Reality

The culture at Bizom is very unique in its own way. When I talk to my friends about their office culture, I realize that our culture is very interesting and I am just extremely fortunate to be part of it. Moreover, Bizom values the people here, and this result in people valuing the work here…it doesn’t matter if you work in formal or in shorts, it doesn’t matter if you do it from home, a cafe, or in the office. This work culture was not something that I was looking for but now that I am experiencing it, I can’t be more thankful.

The Initial Challenges

Initial days were tough but I got through. I adapted quickly and was assigned an account in just 3 weeks. It was an account that had operations in the Middle East with our Retailer App and we executed the project quite well. With this, I became one of those people who knew about Retailer App in and out. Subsequently, another account from South Asia was picked up by our team and it literally brought the best out of us. Every day working on that account was a new challenge but I loved the work. 


There was an incident where due to a mistake done by me, the whole Retailer App was down. Users were not able to order and all things went manual for that company. I was scared at a level where I even thought I would get fired. However, my lead Purushottam was so calm and kind that he said “Please don’t worry, keep calm and we will fix it”. Everyone came together, RnD was handling the backend part. Purushottam, Rakshit, and I were handling the customer. Within 3-4 hours, the mistake was rectified and the app was fully functional again. Our rapport with the client was so good that it did not even get escalated to higher management in Bizom. Nobody except a few souls knew that this had happened. Not even for a second, did anyone in the team make me feel guilty about this mistake. Even after this mistake, I was motivated that sometimes things go south and you just need to move on. 


Also, now I know that I have people in Bizom who will always have my back.

Step Up!

Then came one of the biggest accounts in Bizom and I was assigned the POC for that. I willingly took that responsibility. Being a customer-obsessed company, our aim was to get the maximum value out of Bizom for that customer. Our CEO was also directly involved with the account. We worked day and night to achieve what we desired. We built a good rapport with the client. Whenever there was any heat coming through, we knew it beforehand. Even recently, due to a delay in one of the tasks, there came an escalation email. I was on leave on that day and saw it late in the evening. I drafted an email in response and was scared to even click on that send button. I somehow did, closed the laptop, and went out for a cup of tea. When I returned, Purushottam was congratulating me on something. When I opened the laptop, there was an email from Lalit addressed to me that he liked my email a lot. I was filled and over-poured with happiness and couldn’t have gotten any better. 

It all felt right…very right!

I wouldn’t say that I have found ‘The Perfect Job’ because honestly I myself didn’t know what I was searching for. But whatever I’ve been doing for the past 13 months at Bizom is something that felt right. I never had an inch of doubt as to whether what I was doing. Bizom felt like home. When I first joined Bizom, my sole intention was to earn some money so that I could feed myself. I didn’t want to burden my family though they were fully capable of feeding me for a lifetime. But as time passed, I got more and more involved with the Product, the Culture, the CEO, the People and most importantly the Food :P. I never felt like missing the office, not even a single day. Neither when there were tough times nor when everything was joyful. In fact, I’d feel left out when I had to take a leave for a family function or any personal emergency. Recently, I told about this family function to Purushottam and told him I will be on leave for a day. He told me to take 3-day leave, complete the whole function, enjoy and come back refreshed. This was my first leave in Bizom that I took after 7 months of Joining. Such was the impact of Bizom on me.

Bizom has been one of the key factors in moulding my professional and personal life. The learning, the opportunities, the motivation, the fun, and the challenges, I love it all. 

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