Syed, do you have a minute?

Aug 21 | 05 min read


The title of this article pretty much sums up a day in the life of Syed. Whenever someone is stuck somewhere, people just go to Syed’s desk and ask him “Syed, do you have a minute”. Considering the approachability and knowledge Syed has, people never go disappointed from his desk.

A bit over 6 years ago on the 5th of May, Syed walked into Bizom as a completely different person from the one we see today, as a Customer Delight Executive. It’s safe to say that he was unaware of the fact that he had found a second home amongst people crazy enough to change the world!

Be that as it may, the ones that are driven enough to make it need no external motivators (though it certainly helps)! Such has been the case with Syed, who has lived the journey and has gone from an executive to Leader, and even after half a dozen years; is consistently one of the best performers in his team.

Reflecting on the last 6 years at Bizom, he feels that he has always had a clear career path ahead of him from the time he came in. Over the years, he has made himself available to customers at all times while also building a great rapport with people within the organization. He has also donned the hat of a mentor and has shaped plenty of minds in the CCD team.

When it comes to his involvement in Bizom, Syed has gone to the extent of even sitting with developers and fixing problems right at the grassroots. Today, he knows Bizom like the back of his hand and can understand software problems just by listening to what developers have to say. He credits his leaders for this and goes on to say that he has been able to grow within the organization because he has always had the freedom to experiment, and has known what his professional progression would look like.

This being said, no growth story is complete without a set of challenges faced (and overcome), and it has been no different for Syed. If it isn’t clear enough from the fact that someone from CCD fixed tech problems, challenges were in abundance during his initial days at Bizom. But, like a true-blue Bizom team member, Syed has managed to get past them by successfully implementing the one thing that lies in all of our hearts – Algorithmic Jugaad.

One such instance, Syed recalls, is when our then largest CMRR client required software that would ensure that their employees were marking their attendance at the brand’s outlets. At a time when such feature was not available in Bizom, Syed came up with a plan whose beauty lay in its simplicity. He, with the help of his team, simply tracked the user’s location (at the time of marking attendance) to the outlet’s location. As long as both locations came back with the same coordinates, the users were doing it the right way. If not, Syed’s team could track the discrepancy and report it to the client.

The result? Over 5,000 users went live! Well, if that isn’t Algorithmic Jugaad personified, we don’t know what will be!

Syed’s biggest asset has always been his humble nature and ability to get the job done. He doesn’t in the least hesitate to acknowledge and appreciate his ‘gurus’ – Srinidhi, Sadha, Bhupi, Anoop, Abhishek, Archita, and Lalit for his success at Bizom and (no surprises ahead) is looking to take things up a notch constantly by adding more fuel to the company’s growth!

If he were to pick the thing he loves most about Bizom, Syed says it’d have to be the organization’s culture and leadership – hands down! He goes on to say that the leadership has a habit of placing trust in their employees and allowing them to learn and grow, while also ensuring that they are encouraged to dream bigger.

Here’s to wishing Syed the best of luck, along with many more years of dreaming, learning, and growing with Bizom!

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