Taking Decisions, Making Mistakes, and Owning Victories!

Jul 29 | 05 min read


I come from a background of working with an MNC as well as a small startup. I love working with startups because it never gets monotonous. There is always something new to do and you can see the precise impact you make individually. Because I have the attention span of a child, I very soon get to the point of “Aur Dikhao” to keep me excited about my work, challenge my wits, and keep me going.

Back when I was looking for a role I had a strong belief that I will only work with a company that puts up its job postings on Angellist. The reason you may ask was that I wanted to work with an organization that’s a startup at heart and not just literally. I had 3 discussions, with Deb, Vishesh, and Lalit and I am not sure about what they saw but I saw exactly what I was looking for; Entrepreneurs working as entrepreneurs! I remember asking Deb and Vishesh why they are working with Bizom and they said “We like the freedom we have here” and I knew this is exactly where I want to be.

I started as an Associate Business Analyst, and coming from a founding member sort of role it looked like a step back but I took it anyway because I believed in the idea of growing leaders internally. And now looking back, it makes 10 times more sense than it did back then. Not just did I learn the technicalities better but I know exactly where my team is coming from in every single instance. Surely, this role was not a step back for me. From the very beginning, I was working as my own micro organization, taking my own decisions, making my own mistakes, and owning my victories.

Aur Dikhao!

Next up, precisely 3 months before my urge to ask “Aur Dikhao” could have become irresistible, I moved to the new role of Farmer with “Rest of West” (RoW) team. While a new role is a challenge in itself, mine came with not just one but two twists! A customer who constantly kept giving the “Aur Dikhao “ back to me and a team yet to be created. Once again, I was exactly where I liked to be taking my own decisions, making my own mistakes, and owning my victories this time around along with a few failures. My biggest failures came with the biggest learnings as well. These failures changed my perception of the word “Ownership”. It taught me not just to do everything I need to do but to make sure everything that needs to be done gets done. Beyond your call of Duty, I guess, as my fauji dad would put it! The other aspect, leading the team wasn’t a cakewalk either. While I have worked with/managed a lot of people in my earlier roles, millennials are a different species! However, I am proud of this Millennial-heavy team and myself for getting us to a level where they are also now taking their own decisions, making their own mistakes, and owning their victories. I always believed I topped the charts when it comes to EQ and people can never be a challenge for me, but they made me question that! Not like normal-level doubts but big-time doubts! But it worked out, I once again topped the EQ chart and I am all “woke” about it!

Thoda Aur Dikhao!

The thing I like about us(Bizom) is the culture! (And no I am not talking about the parties and the newbie sessions). How you are not the only one working towards your personal career goals. I say that because of this yet another role transition that I recently did again far before I had the urge to ask “aur dikhao”. Moving from a farmer role to a Key Account Hunter/Manager/Growth role(this one is so new we have not even Zero’d on the name yet), again a new opportunity that is constantly urging me to challenge my limits. This time around, the challenges are bigger as I am moving out of my comfort zone but with every role change, the impact I make kept becoming more and more clear to me, giving me the motivation to keep pushing myself. I am positive that I will be able to pull this off too while I still take my own decisions, make my own mistakes(learning from them is a given), and own my victories.

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