The finest Maggi on Earth

Aug 20 | 03 min read


One day in the Bizom Guest House, I came from Delhi after a long trip and got to know that Mohit shifted next to my room. We had met a lot of times before, whenever there was an event in Bizom.

As a person, he connected very well with me. After he shifted to the room next to me we started roaming around daily with all of our guest house buddies and eventually became good friends. He helped me with a lot of things, he is my alarm clock and the reason why I come to the office “early”. So yeah, the credits for disciplining me go to him. As a payback, I made him stay awake till 4 am regularly. Unfortunately, the cards got reversed. But before we could figure that out, it was too late.

Then a man named Abdullah joined us in one of our rooftop jam sessions. We were planning a trip as well. All were very exhausted and we asked Abdullah to join us as well. Turns out only the 3 of us were left to go on the trip. So we pretty much met daily at night to plan a trip and finally decided with a trip planner where we had to plan basically “nothing”. We used to gather at guest house terrace at exactly 10:30 PM. That’s how we started vibing and then the trip happened. During the trip, I would say that the transition from being “colleagues” to “good friends” happened. I would say that trip will remain one of the most memorable trips for the three of us. We bonded, we enjoyed and made new friends in a completely new city and they are a part of our usual weekend hangouts now.

The trip was the start of so many things for the three of us. I used to believe that in corporate, we usually don’t make friends, we will always have colleagues. But now I believe that this statement is not always true. We are still trying to figure out what could be the reason for our bond because as a person, the three of us are different. As I am writing this article, I am sitting with both of them and discussing all the irrelevant things on earth…because that’s what good friends do, right?

There is one story that I want to mention here. One fine night, Abdullah was trying to make maggi in the guest house kitchen. Although, he was struggling to light up the stove. I went down to fill my water bottles and told him “beta tumse na ho payega”. I told him that today, let me just introduce you to the finest Maggi on earth. Since Mohit is an MBA, he was creating a ppt in his room at 3 AM in the night and maybe doing something else as well which I don’t want to know. So, I took 45 mins to cook Maggi which usually takes 2 mins. However, Mohit and Abdullah had the best Maggi of their life (that’s according to me). Now Maggi is our 2 AM companion for every late-night discussion.

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