Two Peas in a Pod

Aug 10 | 03 min read


The great thing about work friendships is that they’re always official (lol). Here’s an uncommon yet beautiful friendship ft. Sangeetha and I(Soumya).

Tamil Nadu’s Sangeetha is an IT geek. An introvert, she hardly utters a handful of words by the day. She fears no awkward silences and likes being in her own company. She carries a straight face and you will always find her head in her system trying to avoid everyone.

The first time I saw Sangeetha, she was sitting in the cafeteria and having her lunch, standing there looking at her, I kept thinking, where did I see this girl? I could not recall for a very long time hence I decided to take my plate and I went and sat opposite to her and with a big smile, I said Hi!

Wait, did I forget to introduce myself in this article?

Hi, I am Soumya, A Punjabi at heart and by blood 🙂 I am candid, bubbly, and full of exuberance. Talking and chit-chatting is my love language and if words were energy drinks all shops would run out of stock 😛

CUT to Sangeetha at the cafeteria

When I sat in front of Sangeetha, I asked her “tusi kahi dekhe dekhe sai lagte ho” and she replied, “Sorry, I don’t know Hindi”. I asked her again “your face looks familiar, have we met somewhere?” She said very calmly “I am staying next to your room in the PG” and that was the start of our interaction.

Both Sangeetha and I are poles apart yet we share a very special and celebrated bond. Our duo has grown inseparable with time. It’s where the North and South meet to create some fondest friendship memories of a lifetime. We bond on everything, like literally everything. For example we bond over food, movies, travel, and much more.

Sangeetha and I are like wi-fi and internet. Our friendship is one of a kind and we are the closest confidantes to one another.

It’s true that friends are the family we choose! We’re delighted to be the company where two best friends found each other’s company. We hope that our unique bond between the North and South always goes North. After all, a tale of friendship is the one that’s remembered and cherished 🙂

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