You can't spell "challenge" without "change"

Oct 1 | 05 min read


I’ve been always fascinated by the Marketing Sector. It intrigued me so much that I was determined to join the sector and pursue it as my career path. Various projects, internships, and certifications as well as my graduation and post-graduation courses gave me further insights which helped me develop myself. 

I still remember the days when I was applying for campus recruitment. The day, Bizom came for interviewing students, I was pretty curious to know more about it- as it was serving “multiple FMCG players”. I applied for it and fortunately cracked the interview!

Although the post which I got selected for was ‘Business Development Manager’, it did not stop me from stepping into the world of corporate since I had the opportunity to directly interact with several players from the very sector I was interested in.  It helped me to interact one-on-one with CXOs and other leaders to understand how this FMCG industry works. Gradually, I started to fit into this role. As I truly believe, “Growth happens outside your comfort zone”. 

Being in the sales team for more than a year helped me gain knowledge about various aspects – solving customer problems, building relationships, being a good listener, negotiating, improvising my communication skills and so on. 

I was fortunate to come across a vacancy for a ‘Product Marketing Manager’ within Bizom. It made me confident that I’m ready for this role. The positivity my leadership gave me throughout the process of transition and their trust in my skills finally landed me the position.

In marketing, a sales background is always considered a plus. Marketing provides me an opportunity in which I can learn the ins and outs of the industry. Now, here I can apply all my sales knowledge to what impacts the customer and how to solve their problems.

I’ll always be thankful to Bizom, to help me go through all this and for taking care of my passion and interest, making sure I walk on the career path I want to. It has given me the opportunity to learn, unlearn and grow as an individual each day. It’s always been a thrilling experience to encounter new challenges each day when it happens to be “my first job”.

Here I have the space where I can work independently and showcase my skills. It has given me a platform where I can freely approach anyone seeking help and put my ideas on the table, thus ensuring they are well-heard and understood. In a true sense, “Bizom is a people’s first organization that believes in growing together as a team.”

I am a person who is highly detail-oriented, eager to learn, and always ready for new challenges thus, working in this company befits my current roles and responsibilities. 


I look forward to new challenges and opportunities at Bizom.



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