Learning vs Being Taught

Nov 12 | 03 min read


I hated attending class in school, during my undergrad. Even in my jobs I typically just bunked the training sessions. I still managed to do pretty well in school, engineering, and later in jobs.

It’s not because I am somehow more intelligent(Yuval Harari Argues that all humans are equally smart/dumb). It is just because I love what I learn. It’s just that I do not like anyone teaching me. I prefer to learn on my own by reading, trying, and failing. This way, I think I understand and remember most of what I learn to use it when needed.

I think this deep-rooted notion is why I hate “teaching” but I love “learning”. In classroom teaching, the onus of whether your audience learned anything or not is on “teacher” but in “learning”, the onus is on the student.

We have many mentors in Bizom. Some external subject matter experts like Arvinda, Nats, Sridhar, Sameer, Ashwani, or Dhingraji. We have many internal mentors who are happy to share whatever they know as well. What we can do better though is having the hunger to learn and patience to fail.

For example, in January, Apoorv mentioned to me that many people at Bizom do not know how our product works in detail. He also suggested we should have formal training for the same. I was baffled cause for the last 2 years we have run the CCM program with everyone in the organization just for this purpose. So whoever Apoorv was referring to either did not do the program or did not do it seriously enough. For me, this just points to a lack of hunger for learning.

When I started working with the hunting team I realized they were not confident making cold calls / cold WhatsApp contacts. Digging deeper I realized it was just fear of failing or fear of rejection.

If you want to learn, you have to get over your fear of failure and demonstrate hunger by proactively learning from mentors/books/videos whatever works for you.

Learning is a continuous process and I just recently learned more about selling in this awesome Coursera course. I highly recommend sales teams to take the course (it’s free too). Holding powerful meetings, objection handling, asking powerful questions, and storytelling is relevant to everyone outside sales teams as well.

Just remember it’s not someone else’s responsibility to teach you, it’s your responsibility to learn. Hope you enjoy learning as much as I do to keep getting better and better each day.

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