The Handpicked!

Written by Vibha

I remember the day when someone [one who must not be named 😛] just asked me if I knew what a Catalyst does. The only reply which came to my mind was:

But I obviously had to give a sophisticated answer to that question, so I did just that. To his/her surprise, it turns out – I knew what might be expected from a catalyst – all thanks to Wiki Bizom. That, along with my curiosity to learn about this role as soon as Bhaskar introduced me to then Catalyst Surya (in the Cafeteria on my 2nd Day at Bizom). 

Needless to say, I was already fascinated by this role, but the fact that I had left my last job and changed my career to become a Product Manager made my inner self say – “No Vibha! You can’t afford to get distracted or wooed by any other role or path which you have no idea of.”

So, I decided to do nothing about it and simply let it go to focus on the learning that I came here for in the first place. But every time Lalit would write about a catalyst, I couldn’t help but go back to Wiki Bizom to read the description once again….and again….and again! Why was this role fascinating me so much? The fact that it gives you an opportunity to become a Jack of all trades? Again, my inner self said – “Naaaa…..maybe I am just overthinking. Let it go Vibha!”

Then, one fine day in the middle of the pandemic, I got a call from this fine gentleman [ who shall not be named :D] Who asked me to become a catalyst. To be precise, I was given this option along with some very convincing statements. All in all, it was clear that it will be a great opportunity for me to get to know Mobisy better and the journey might give a kick to my role as a Product Manager.

I took a day or two to give it a thought before I could say yes to this. Little did I know the rollercoaster ride which was about to begin. Not sure if any other catalyst felt this, but I was really scared for 3 months [during Manasa’s tenure] waiting for my tenure to come and what if I end up disappointing the CEO of the company. 

To my surprise, I was not just working with a CEO but a buddy. Those 3 months were a Mentos Zindagi!!!!!!! If you know, you know.

There was just 1 simple rule – THERE WAS NO RULE!

To start this journey, we set some tasks and responsibilities for me. To name a few:

1. An initiative – SFDC migration to Bizom

2. Building a Bizom platform for a Management Persona [the one which was planned but will be taken care of in my current journey] 

3. Organizing The Demo day for Bizom Startup Connect | Cohort #1 

4. Ssssshhhhhhh! – soon to be launched exclusively for the Mobisy Janta! 

To know more about what exactly I did in each task, feel free to reach out to me as I won’t be getting into details of these tasks here. It’s just, there is so much I can talk about all these that I would rather talk about in person than writing.

PS: I don’t want to summarize them… they all have been awesome experiences and apparently I am bad at writing interesting stuff. PRDs aren’t supposed to be interesting so I am doing just fineeee in that area 😀 

To sum up my whole journey…

Yeh Hai Aam Zindagi

Aur Ye Hai Catalyst Zindagi

To Lalit and Nikhil,

I was fortunate to work as a catalyst under your guidance. To work with great minds such as you guys is to experience a journey filled with ideas and execution.

The fact that you both trusted me more than I trusted myself has made my days in Bizom. I am glad this happened. And I am glad that I was chosen. Chosen to be a part of such a journey which leads to becoming more confident and enlightened as a person and a professional.

Thank you!

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