Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore: CCD Team

Every team at Bizom has experienced Algorithmic Jugaad in its truest meaning. It normally goes like this – A problem arises, the team groups together to discuss and brainstorm solutions, a mix of quick-fixes and practical solutions are brought to the table, and finally, a solution is chosen. The solution, typically is an amalgam of quick-fix and practical thoughts, It is normally something whose beauty often lies in its simplicity.

Archita Gupta, Vice President of Centralised Customer Delight at Bizom, recalls two such problems that her team experienced, wherein the art of Algorithmic Jugaad was executed perfectly. She takes us through it very systematically, explaining what the problem was, what would qualify as a ‘jugaad’ (shortcut/quick-fix) and finally – the Algorithmic Jugaad that was implemented for the problem.

The remainder of this article is all Archita, articulating the definition of Algorithmic Jugaad – from the point of view of our amazing CCD (Centralized Customer Delight) team.

Problem 1: The CSAT threat

Due to a lot of our team members not keeping well, we found ourselves with many pending tickets. Our ‘One Metric That Matters’ is CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), and we had to ensure that our ticket SLA doesn’t take a hit.


We could ensure that any response was sent to the customer. However, this would resolve the customer’s ticket and would negatively impact our CSAT.

Algorithmic Jugaad:

We started a triage process, wherein a triage meeting was held twice a day. CCD’s experts would join the call, fetch all the open tickets and get the customer issues resolved. This ultimately left our customers delighted!

Problem 2: The one that saw us all grow

Everyone in the Customer Onboarding and Support team was taking on more work than they could handle, as it was the need of the hour. So naturally, we needed to hire more people. The thing is, when we make external hires, the process of training takes a long time and it can be a while before their productivity levels go high.


We could have hired experienced and senior professionals, and could have assigned new work to individuals in the team. We understood that people brought in from the outside would take time in understanding our culture and our processes. More importantly, we understood that this could potentially end up with us losing the trust we’ve built with our customers.

Algorithmic Jugaad:

Enter the Algorithmic Jugaad, our knight in shining armour. We had a flow discussion with the entire CCD team, post which the team members were scaled up based on their interest areas. Not just that, we also ensured that the scaled up members were backed with ample support, as they were provided with mentors to help them settle into their new roles.

This saw a Trainer become a Connect Integration Manager, a Team Lead become Project Manager, Call Support being scaled to Email Support, and Email Support being scaled up to Bizom Integration Manager! 

The impact of this was humongous. It sent a message that good work is appreciated, and that our people grow with us. This, to the extent that Trainers took up content responsibilities, created product videos, FAQs and training decks!

With a highly motivated army, we were hungrier than ever and had our sights set on targets that could once have been too big to even dream of!

Ensuring customer satisfaction and scaling of internal teams – If ever the perfect Algorithmic Jugaad story existed, it’d contain these elements! Such stories at Bizom are aplenty, and we’re just getting started with our folklore. Stay tuned for more!

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