Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore – Rohan Desai

Written by Rohan In early 2014-2015, things were very different from the way they are now – there was no JIO, and data was expensive. Android penetration was low, and technology adoption was a challenge.  Companies had to invest a lot, and that included providing phones to the users. Hence only large organizations (who wouldContinue reading “Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore – Rohan Desai”

Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore – West Sales Team

Written by Smitesh Save It was towards the end of 2015 when we had a new implementation for a client in the commodity vertical. Things went well, and we kicked off with the implementation, setup, masters collections, etc. However, for enterprise clients or those of a new vertical, it’s never too straightforward.  A few daysContinue reading “Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore – West Sales Team”

Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore: The Invincibles

Each team at Bizom has various troubling situations where Algorithmic Jugaad has come to the rescue. This story addresses one such instance with our Invincibles team, who are in charge of handling all the new accounts and making our go-lives happen. Vikas from the team takes us through everything that happened, and how they eventuallyContinue reading “Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore: The Invincibles”

Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore: ft The Retail Community

At this point, when we say the words “Algorithmic Jugaad”, our minds instantly link it to “Bizom”. While that has been the case in this segment of Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore, with all the stories about our teams and the innovation that has become a part of their daily lives, today’s read is something different. Today,Continue reading “Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore: ft The Retail Community”

Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore – North Sales Team

Written by Prarabdh Mishra, Regional Head of North Sales at Bizom Get things done, then do them the better way, then put a structure to it. Algorithmic Jugaad for you. Reading ahead, you will know the stories of how we were able to make better decisions and get better results keeping the spirit of AlgorithmicContinue reading “Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore – North Sales Team”

Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore: CCD Team

Every team at Bizom has experienced Algorithmic Jugaad in its truest meaning. It normally goes like this – A problem arises, the team groups together to discuss and brainstorm solutions, a mix of quick-fixes and practical solutions are brought to the table, and finally, a solution is chosen. The solution, typically is an amalgam ofContinue reading “Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore: CCD Team”

Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore – Engineering team

‘Algorithmic Jugaad’ is a term we hear rather often at Bizom. While the concept of it remains the same, how each function at Bizom implements it can vary. Here, we speak to Vibhor Garg, VP – Engineering at Bizom, and understand what Algorithmic Jugaad means to our Engineering team. When asked about his definition ofContinue reading “Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore – Engineering team”