Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore – Engineering team

‘Algorithmic Jugaad’ is a term we hear rather often at Bizom. While the concept of it remains the same, how each function at Bizom implements it can vary. Here, we speak to Vibhor Garg, VP – Engineering at Bizom, and understand what Algorithmic Jugaad means to our Engineering team.

When asked about his definition of Algorithmic Jugaad, Vibhor uses the famous Sholay reference. He says that with the problem, of course, being Gabbar, Thakur (Bizom) uses the services of Jai and Viru (Jugaad and Algorithm) to get the better of Gabbar. At the day, this makes both – Bizom as well as their clients happy.

He further defines Algorithmic Jugaad as a method of solving customer issues by using innovative ideas that work as quick fixes; while also combining them with a solid set of rules and processes. With this combination, he says, we arrive at a quick, organized, and scalable solution. Not only does this get the job done elegantly, but it also showcases our ability to think outside the box.

To put this into perspective, Vibhor recalls an engineering problem that his team faced, which caused database load issues. Consequently, this impacted our customers directly, as they began to face longer response times. To this, the team had two solutions.

Firstly – Jugaad, but without Algorithm. A solution that was the quickest fix to the problem, but could backfire at any point in the future.

Second – Algorithm, but without Jugaad. A highly organized solution, keeping all processes in place. But it was a solution that would take a large amount of time, thereby negatively impacting the customer.

“Both the solutions were unacceptable to us. Neither did we want to compromise on the quality of our solution, nor did we want to allow our customers to suffer”, says Vibhor. Being “typical Mobisians”, as he calls it, their solution to this was naturally a combination of both – Algorithm and Jugaad.

To get into the technicalities, they identified the top queries and began optimizing the queries one by one, identified the high-impact customers, and went on to directly update their code. They then went on to merge improvements in the main code, to ensure that the solution was intact over the long run across our clientele.

This solution had all the ingredients that go into making it a perfect Algorithmic Jugaad. It was quickly executed, highly organized, and at the same time, it was scalable too.

While this certainly is a tale of wit, such things are common sightings at Bizom. With time, we will ensure that these stories also make their way to you. Until then, stay tuned!

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