Bizom Journeys: Chitraangi Sharma

Written by Chitraangi

What a ride it has been so far with Bizom. Sharing my journey of the last 4 years and how it has helped me grow as a person and professional.

Well, it all started with the exciting job post that I came across ‘Entrepreneurial Acceleration’. I had always wanted to work in a work culture that provides an environment of trying and experimenting with new things that challenge me. The job post made me so curious about the company that I applied for an Associate Business Analyst (ABA) role even though I came from a technical background (yes, I was a backend developer).

I think most of us remember our first day at work, but in Bizom, there were many such moments that made my journey memorable as well as exciting.


After an initial call from Bizom, I didn’t hear from them for a really long time. But call it my persistence or eagerness to make a difference, I persisted and persisted. Finally, Archita had to take time out of her busy schedule and meet me at a client’s office (a story for another day), a couple of more discussions with Rohan and Lalit and I made it in the North Sales team as an ABA. Proud moment!

Algorithmic Jugaad

Coming from a technical background, I had very little experience of handling customers and being the face of the company at the client site. Within 10 days of my joining the company, I was at a customer’s location to address their queries, and resolve all operational issues for them. This is where I put my technical skills into practice along with learning more interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills to solve and handle situations. Being from a technical background, I was able to figure out an issue faster and hence solve it. 

Being Ambitious & Fearless

Working with Prarabdh and Nishu has taught me to be ambitious and push myself and others around me for it. Be it sharing the first insight, acquiring industry knowledge, and connecting with CXOs in all the accounts. I see my transformation from just being an operational personal to a business analyst and actually driving outcomes for the customers. It feels phenomenal to make a difference in the customer’s sales journey and at the same time connect with them to share ideas as well as understand their point of view. 

It has been an exciting journey over the last 4 years, with every day being a new challenge and a new opportunity to learn something new. 


Well, the best part of working at Bizom is the work culture. Everyone in the management team has been so approachable since my first day here. I have learned to be humble from each of them. 

When I was given the role of leadership, Prarabdh made sure I understood what is expected and what needs to be done, and how, and I took it as an opportunity to grow further. This experience over the journey strongly influenced my attitude also. Looking at my fellow team members getting out of their comfort zone to try something new influenced me a lot and made me fearless. The team funda for 1 quarter last year was, “Punch above your weight and see the magic happening” is still followed and helped me push towards contributing more.

Work Culture

One thing that I love about working here is that honest dialogue is always encouraged, be it internal or external with the customers we handle. I have learned so much from Lalit, Shree, Archita, Prarabdh & Achyut about how to get the job done. They have truly trusted in me, encouraged me to dream bigger, and always helped me to learn and grow. 

Work hard party harder

We do take ‘work hard, party harder’ literally and I love our weekly catch-up meetings in the North team. It’s not just a party but discussions, learning from each other’s experiences, and how we can do better to handle difficult situations along with fun activities planned. Cheers to everyone in the North team!

Attitude as a person

Working with Bizom and constantly learning along the way has grown me as a person. Though we always look to grow as a better person, I believe I have become more disciplined (professionally as well as in taking care of my health). This has made me more empathetic with my team as well as with the customers. All kinds of engagement have taught me perseverance and persistence, as well as made me assertive to make decisions. Solving challenges has broadened my horizons and has helped me to visualize things better in general.   

I must say, the ‘Entrepreneurial Acceleration’ that made me join Bizom was all worth it.

Looking forward to more learning and growing at Bizom.