The longest 6 hours of my life

Edson at his usual exuberant self was imploring us to finish our dinner of pancakes. Geoffrey, our cook, had made pancakes for dinner thinking that those were our favorite. He wanted us to have a full meal before the summit night. But, 5:30 p.m. is a strange time for having dinner especially if you haveContinue reading “The longest 6 hours of my life”

Bizom Journeys: Chitraangi Sharma

Written by Chitraangi What a ride it has been so far with Bizom. Sharing my journey of the last 4 years and how it has helped me grow as a person and professional. Well, it all started with the exciting job post that I came across ‘Entrepreneurial Acceleration’. I had always wanted to work inContinue reading “Bizom Journeys: Chitraangi Sharma”

Learning vs Being Taught

I hated attending class in school, during my undergrad. Even in my jobs I typically just bunked the training sessions. I still managed to do pretty well in school, engineering, and later in jobs.  It’s not because I am somehow more intelligent(Yuval Harari Argues that all humans are equally smart/dumb). It is just because IContinue reading “Learning vs Being Taught”

Bizom Journeys: Manasa KR

At Bizom, we have a concept wherein employees get opportunities to become ‘Catalysts’. Here, the employee is a part of the CEO’s Office for one quarter and will work closely with Lalit, our CEO. The Catalysts do pretty much everything Lalit is supposed to do tactically or strategically but does not have time, skills, orContinue reading “Bizom Journeys: Manasa KR”

Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore – West Sales Team

Written by Smitesh Save It was towards the end of 2015 when we had a new implementation for a client in the commodity vertical. Things went well, and we kicked off with the implementation, setup, masters collections, etc. However, for enterprise clients or those of a new vertical, it’s never too straightforward.  A few daysContinue reading “Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore – West Sales Team”

Underdogs: Step Up

In a professional career, we are often put in situations that are far too challenging for us to cope up with. Our skills and experiences are nowhere near enough for coping up with situations. These are exactly the times for us to grow up and be noticed on global stages. When everyone and everything aroundContinue reading “Underdogs: Step Up”

Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore: The Invincibles

Each team at Bizom has various troubling situations where Algorithmic Jugaad has come to the rescue. This story addresses one such instance with our Invincibles team, who are in charge of handling all the new accounts and making our go-lives happen. Vikas from the team takes us through everything that happened, and how they eventuallyContinue reading “Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore: The Invincibles”

Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore: ft The Retail Community

At this point, when we say the words “Algorithmic Jugaad”, our minds instantly link it to “Bizom”. While that has been the case in this segment of Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore, with all the stories about our teams and the innovation that has become a part of their daily lives, today’s read is something different. Today,Continue reading “Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore: ft The Retail Community”

Bizom Journeys: Noman Waghu

Written by Noman It was July of 2016 when I joined Bizom after working with MNCs for a couple of years. In these places, I could not see my work having any direct impact, and hence I looked at finding a way to have a mix of freedom, flexibility, and opportunity at work. I wasContinue reading “Bizom Journeys: Noman Waghu”

Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore – North Sales Team

Written by Prarabdh Mishra, Regional Head of North Sales at Bizom Get things done, then do them the better way, then put a structure to it. Algorithmic Jugaad for you. Reading ahead, you will know the stories of how we were able to make better decisions and get better results keeping the spirit of AlgorithmicContinue reading “Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore – North Sales Team”