Algorithmic Jugaad Folklore: The Invincibles

Each team at Bizom has various troubling situations where Algorithmic Jugaad has come to the rescue. This story addresses one such instance with our Invincibles team, who are in charge of handling all the new accounts and making our go-lives happen.

The Invincibles

Vikas from the team takes us through everything that happened, and how they eventually got past that troubled situation

“A customer had a requirement in the second half of 2020, wherein they needed two separate Stock Keeping Units (SKU) from two different distributors, all for one outlet. Unfortunately, only one that could be mapped was available to us.

Enter Algorithmic Jugaad –

Earlier, we didn’t have an option to map a single outlet with two different distributors. So what could be a solution to this?

In the process of brainstorming to figure this out, we realized that there was one thing we could do – and we did it!

We started mapping the same beat to the salesmen and enabled the setting known as ‘show from warehouse’ which was defined at a user level to adhere to only split units.  This essentially meant that each user, or each customer, could get the SKUs from different distributors.

Now, in case the users wanted to find out information about the availability of products in a particular outlet, they could also sort it with the names of distributors from different SKUs.

While most people would’ve said “problem solved” and stopped here, we decided to go a step further. We decided to also map the ‘beat to user’ of an unmapped outlet distributor.

We started with mapping the distributor to the user, and after assigning the beat to the user, we made edits to remove the distributor. With this, we were able to manage the impact of the other side as well!”

Making use of an innovative solution whose significance lies in its simplicity? That certainly sounds like Algorithmic Jugaad!

Until the next one!

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